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Hello everyone, If you want to know what is the full form of www and more interesting facts about like www full form, how does www work, history, etc?

WWW Full Form – World Wide Web

www full form - Quick Tips About www full form,how does works,etc

What is WWW?

World Wide Web (WWW) is composed of the Web sites on the Internet worldwide that get Internet content. With a web browser, then an individual can view webpages which can contain text, graphics as well as other multimedia and then browse between them through the use of hyperlinks.

There are many Internet browsers that make it simple to get the Web (WWW). Name of a few Are:-

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Opera, for mobile as well as for PC
  • Safari, for MAC system
  • Microsoft’s Internet Explorer

You can browse in Mobile apparatus to obtain content from globally Internet.

The term/name WWW can be wrongly utilized as a synonym on the Web alone. However, the Internet is something that can be found by way of the net, precisely like email and some other Web solutions.

Twenty or thirty years ago, there was something that you might choose given: you’ll head into a general library, even start a benchmark publication, and also discover advice on just about any matter you wanted.

That which we take for given now is the fact that individuals may sit at any laptop or computer, nearly wherever on Earth, and get an internet info library a lot more successful than any people library around the planet:- WorldWide Internet.

Twenty-first-century existence has been indeed based upon the Internet it seems notable we lived without it.

The Internet has been devised significantly less than thirty decades in the past and has ever turned into a massive favorite victory for almost 20 of those. One of the best creations of time… is also one of the newest!

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How does work World Wide Web (WWW)?

  • Client-Server Model
  • Web Pages
  • Server
  • Browser

1. Client-Server Model

The networks to get a client-server model. Client is your computer, the internet browser you’re utilizing sends a request to your Server to automatically bring the webpage you’ve input from the address bar of their web browser.

The Server checks in the event the page is present, in case it’s the host will automatically send the HTML web page response of course, should it’s the page that is requested does not exists then your host sends a 404 Error code that suggests the internet site does not exist on your host. Therefore, if you can place www.makbuddies.com/about on your browser.

The Server at which this specific website is hosted can return the”about” web page. But if you in search bar www.makbuddies.com/xyz you’ll receive yourself a 404-error while the webpage will not exist within your host.

404 error page - Quick Tips About www full form,how does works,etc

Hence that the client sends the request, and also, the Server returns that the webpage as a reply, and thus it’s likewise referred to as the Request-Response version.

2. Web Pages

Web pages are HTML (.html expansion ) documents that can be saved on Server. It’s not only of necessity HTML document just. There are a few server-side formats like PHP, Java, which save their websites as files using .php or even .jsp expansion. In case point www.abc.com/xyz.jsp. Though the extension is just that, the last answer in the host will stay an HTML webpage. That you do not need to think about server-side languages at the moment.

3. Server

Server is an easy computer that hosts your web site’s content; also, it has an online connection. Small to medium-sized internet sites usually utilize machines very similar to a desktop computer or your pc. The server isn’t just an exceptional pc you may make your desktop computer web server, whatever you could have to complete would have a static IP address and also 24/7 net connection. The exact procedure is going to be displayed for your requirements in after posts.

It isn’t really a great notion to host your own web site onto your desktop computer because.

  • You might continue to keep your personal computer online full time (twenty-four hours each day), so you might need to be specific you power backups along with also a backup system in the event the most crucial device fails.


  • The majority of individuals do not possess a static IP Addresses are delegated to people from our Internet providers (ISP’s) plus so they continue about shifting. The site address is redirected into the IP of your server system. Thus that your previous internet protocol address could be delegated to somebody else now that internet site may tip out another individual’s pc.


  • Hosting your site on hosting internet sites like BlueHost, HostGator, Siteground, and a great many additional is super simple and involves hardly any technical understanding. And so they also supply you with entirely free service on almost any issue you have.


  • Most hosting internet sites ensure 99.9 % uptime. Meaning your internet site will probably be around for people 99.9 % of the time.


  • Web hosting is quite affordable.

4. Browser

First, the initial thing you want to look at a web page would be that a web site (Client ). A web browser is an application that is effective at linking into an internet Server, whereby delivering an HTTP request (a request a specific webpage ) and receive HTTP reaction (an HTML webpage as a reply ) and display the HTML web page onto your monitor. Google-Chrome and also Firefox would be the absolute best browsers available right now.


Tim Berners-Lee invented WWW on March 12, 1989. He had also been a British computer scientist, as well as even a previous worker of CERN. Tim Berners-Lee utilized NeXt personal computer being an entire global’s very first web server and also to compose the very first web browser.

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