Top 5 best tools that are essential for a writer

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Everybody can write but it is never easy to become a successful professional writer.

A writer needs certain tools that make their job easier and perfect.

With the help of tools, writers can bring more clarity in their writing, and the chances of making errors also get reduced.

That is the reason why almost every professional writer uses the tools for making their job convenient.

In this article, we have come up with some essential tools that are necessary for writing.

If you are a writer or want to be a writer the tools mentioned in this article will be highly necessary for you.


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Some recommended tools for creative writers


The following are some essential tools for any creative writers:-


1. Grammar checking tool:- One of the most important things in any kind of writing is grammar. Making grammatical errors in the content makes a bad impression on the reader. Hence, content with grammatical mistakes is not accepted in the professional world.

That is the reason why every writer should use grammar checking tools such as Grammarlookup that helps them to find out the grammatical mistakes in the content and provide you with some valuable suggestions for correcting the error.

You just need to copy the content and paste it in the text area provided by the tool and click on the submit button and it will find out the errors in the content and also show you the way to rectify the errors.

Thus, this type of tool makes the job of writing much easier.


2. Plagiarism tool:- Another most important tool for a professional writer is the plagiarism tool.

With the plagiarism tool, you can check if your content is copied from any source or not. In the professional world, plagiarism content is not acceptable and you cannot copy the content from another source.

That is the reason why it is very essential to check the content with the help of a plagiarism tool before you finally submit it for publishing.

The good thing about the plagiarism tool is that apart from detecting the plagiarism content it also provides you the source and so it becomes easier for you to correct the plagiarism even if it has plagiarized content.

You can also check what percentage of content is plagiarised and whether it is acceptable or not.

If it is not acceptable then you have to rewrite the content again and make fresh content.   


3. Hemingway:- This is another best tool that a writer can use. This tool helps the writer to improve his sentence and make his writing better and more readable.

If there are any lengthy, complex, and common errors like adverbs, active-passive voice, in the sentences of the content then this tool will highlight the sentence and will provide you a suggestion for improving it.

With the help of this tool, you can make your writing more professional.


4. Coschedule:- Effective heading is very essential for all types of writing no matter whether it is a blog or an article or any type of content.

Headlines are the first introduction to the world and it is what decides why people will go through your content.

That is the reason why this type of tool is used for writing the headlines for your blog post, email, social media message, etc.

Apart from that, this tool is also very useful in analyzing the overall structure of the sentence, the length of the content, keyword density, etc.


5. Yoast:- It is very essential to make your content SEO optimized so that the content becomes easily available.

Thus, you must use this type of tool for improving its visibility. This tool is one of the most trusted SEO plugins and used by more than 3 million users worldwide.

This tool improves the content and makes it search engine friendly. It comes up with some excellent features such as adding keywords, meta descriptions, rich snippets, XML sitemap, etc.

That helps in optimizing the content. Thus when you use these tools it will increase your chances of appearing on the first page of Google Search engine.  


These are some tools that are highly required to enhance the quality of your content and are absolutely necessary for any writer. 


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