15+ WordPress Maintenance and Support Services [Updated 2021]

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Are you looking for the best WordPress maintenance service and support service ser for your website?

So that you can focus on growing your business rather than maintaining your WordPress website?

WordPress is free of charge, open-source applications, which causes it to be probably one of the very powerful, content management systems (CMS) over the internet.

But this does mean that it will not come with official support.

Quite simply, in the event you encounter an issue along with your WordPress site, you are on your own to solve it.

Whether it is associated with this WordPress core, a theme or plugin you are using, or even something more severe such as malicious code.

Whilst typically the very widely used CMS, with a market share of 38.1 percent of all websites, WordPress could be the largest target and also probably the most often hacked CMS.

Good WordPress maintenance service providers keep your internet site secure out of malware, data breaches, security breaches, and hacking efforts.

Together with the potential for a security problem carrying your website offline for weeks, days, or months and damaging your reputation with your clients.

The advantages of proper WordPress maintenance for security far outweigh the expenses.


W - 15+ WordPress Maintenance and Support Services [Updated 2021]


What is WordPress Website Maintenance?


Simply speaking, WordPress maintenance identifies some numbers of activities used to continuously track and enhance your performance, security, and level of your WordPress website.

Your internet site requires continuing focus. These activities may possibly develop weekly, monthly, or perhaps daily. Maintenance comprises:

Backup your own site:- This calls for saving a few copies of your internet site in a variety of locations so you can revive it at case of a security violation or perhaps a mistake that deletes your own files.

Updating WordPress core:- WordPress is always being upgraded to fix bugs like security vulnerabilities.

You ought to stay upgraded with the most recent variant to make sure your website can be really as safe as you possibly can.

Keeping plugins and themes up-to-date:- Themes and Themes have been regularly upgraded.

This consists of security upgrades, bug fixes, and upgrades to remain compatible with all the most recent versions of WordPress.

It is vital to keep yourself updated with the most recent variants of your plugins and themes to benefit from these types of upgrades.

Clear your cache:- WordPress sites, caches are stored files that may help your website to load faster. As time passes, cached files may begin to produce and lead to site bloat.

You might want to clean the cache occasionally reset things.

Optimizing your database:- Your WordPress database will be a pair of organized data at the core of your website. It comprises user functions, article info, as well as other site data.

After a while, the database may collect unnecessary data, such as for instance trashed articles.

Optimizing your database clears this excess data. This could assist your site load faster and keep your website size down.


Why WordPress Maintenance Is Critical to Your Site’s Success?


Even as we just discussed, WordPress site maintenance tasks are all very important to maintaining your website running smoothly.

The advantages of performing routine maintenance comprise added security and an increase website speed.

Standard maintenance may also increase your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) since search engines prefer sites that load fast and are simple to utilize.

A website that loads slowly and comprises errors like broken links looks less dependable. These things could make users leave your website.

Additionally, internet users have short attention spans. In case they can not quickly find what they’re searching for, users may bounce.

They’d rather leave your website to easily reach their aims anyplace rather than simply poke on your site for lengthy periods of time without success.

To this end, maintenance may also impact your conversion rate. By maintaining your website usable and professional.

You optimize your probability of engaging traffic in order they’re much more inclined to eventually become coming users.

But, maintaining a WordPress site all on your own personal is a hard task.

It takes frequent–and sometimes daily–tracking. Owning a small business is hard enough without needing to deal with your site daily.

Fortunately, there are WordPress maintenance services designed to take on the grunt work so that you don’t have to.

In the next section, we’ll review eight platforms that you can use to help maintain your WordPress site.


Best WordPress maintenance and support service


1. SecurItPress


screenshot www.securitpress.io 2021.02.23 23 44 31 - 15+ WordPress Maintenance and Support Services [Updated 2021]


SecurItPress provides a complete selection of site maintenance and additional services.

These include help with search engine optimization, daily backups, and security features, such as 24/7 tracking and hack on clean-ups.

Prices for all these plans start at $30/month. For $60/month, the more superior plan provides high-level options for example two hours of time a month.

You can also signup for a free charge 30-day trial to try out it.

This agency is effective for anybody who needs only a bit more assistance with WordPress activities.

The simple plan costs significantly more than a number of those alternatives, however, it comprises broader security attributes.

The top program is very good for organizations that might not need enough time to execute their site design thoughts but do have the budget to outsource.


2. Fixrunner


screenshot www.fixrunner.com 2021.02.23 23 43 11 - 15+ WordPress Maintenance and Support Services [Updated 2021]


FixRunner is among the very reliable WordPress maintenance service.

You are going to find that they provide 24/ 7 service by having a remarkable response period of a single hour.

FixRunner provides both ongoing WordPress care plans and also one-time service requests.

That means that you may readily examine the amount of service together with their onetime service assistance, nevertheless.

You also are able free to attach one of the plans and also examine that because they feature 30 days money-back guarantee.

A rapid search in google for” FixRunner reviews” will reveal to you which you’re dealing with real professionals.

Fix Runner team will give you some WordPress allow you to require.

The service incorporates daily copies, edits and emergency service, uptime monitoring, routine malware scan, search-engine search engine optimization, speed optimization, regular updates, and longer, whenever you combine the maintenance plans.

That they are going to execute a comprehensive overview of your site and they’ll correct all topics and better your website performance.




screenshot www.gowp .com 2021.02.23 23 45 21 - 15+ WordPress Maintenance and Support Services [Updated 2021]


Another fantastic WordPress maintenance service would be GOWP.

What makes them unique is how they focus on helping Internet Agencies and Freelancers who manage numerous websites for customers.

They offer a white-label solution for the support and maintenance side of your business.

Essentially, they’re a quick, outsourced, 24/7 team to handle WordPress care for the clientele.

They could handle internet site upgrades, security, and copies.

In the event that you have over 10 existing maintenance customers then they’re a great option as their prices start at $250 per month.


4. Newt Labs


screenshot newtlabs.co .uk 2021.02.24 00 55 46 - 15+ WordPress Maintenance and Support Services [Updated 2021]


If you are searching for plans which have all you want to supervise your website, while also offering technical support, there is Newt Labs.

Endless fixes for smaller issuess are contained in all plans, and that means you may not need to upgrade since you would with the majority of these alternatives among them.

Beyond this, upgrades have been analyzed before compelling them into a production site, and you will find additional helpful capabilities.

By way of instance, you’ll find still daily cloud copies, video tutorials, security tracking, and hack clean-ups.

If you are interested in updating, you may additionally secure uptime tracking, cloud hosting, and SSL certification, caching, heaps of plugins and tools, performance optimization, and a staging website.


5. WP Butler


screenshot www.wpbutler.com .au 2021.02.24 00 57 24 - 15+ WordPress Maintenance and Support Services [Updated 2021]


The WP Butler is just another wonderful WordPress care and support service provider that protects your websites meticulously. There’s a pair of bundles you are able to pick from.

Even though, in the event that you’re simply buying a particular service, you’re able to pick them out of the set of services they offer and put them into a cart and then cover them.

A number of the services they give include HTTPS setup, child-theme production, rate progress, site transport, security audit, etc. Even though in the event that you’re trying to engage these monthly, you are able to acquire a portion of the aims.

Their cheapest plan starts at $39 a month that’s one cheap and also a fantastic investment to the security and health of your WordPress site.


6. WP Site Care


WP Site Care - 15+ WordPress Maintenance and Support Services [Updated 2021]


Another more affordable option, WP Site Care provides a complete group of maintenance and support services.

These include help with search engine optimization, daily backups, and security features, such as 24/7 tracking and hack on clean-ups.

Prices for all these plans start at $79/month. For $299/month, the more superior plan provides high-level options 2 hours of development time monthly. You can also use 30-days free trial.

This agency is effective for anybody who needs only a bit more assistance with WordPress activities.

The basic plan costs significantly more than a number of those alternatives, however, it includes more comprehensive security features.

The pro plan is very good for organizations that might not need enough time to execute their site design thoughts but do have the budget to outsource.


7. Total WP Support


Total WP Support - 15+ WordPress Maintenance and Support Services [Updated 2021]


Total WP Support specializes in maintenance for small to medium business WordPress sites.

Its services upgrades, backups, and up-time tracking hack clean-ups malware and malware elimination.

Pricing starts at $49/month. In this $60/month you can also add e-commerce support.

That is just another care service that is less expensive if you should be prepared to strip down it only a little. So this is the best option for you.

As Total WP Support states, it’s suitable for smaller websites, special individuals for local businesses.

If you are managing a huge company site or perhaps a high-traffic site, this agency probably isn’t to you personally.


8. Valet


Screenshot 107 e1614278165300 - 15+ WordPress Maintenance and Support Services [Updated 2021]


Valet main focuses on WordPress development services while also providing ongoing site maintenance and support.

If you are trying to find a team to continue to keep your eye on your own WordPress website as you concentrate on additional activities, then Valet for you.

Whilst the Valet team offers custom WordPress development with their customers, they’ve got a lot of experience in regards to designing and optimization sites.

Whenever you register up to among these service and maintenance plans, you are going to have the ability to tap into that experience to make sure the smooth daily running of one’s site.

Valet will securely back up your website, safely save your files, and execute daily malware scans for improved security.

Additionally, they will concern any available updates into the WordPress software, your theme, and also the plugins you’ve installed.

Even the Valet team can do regular e-commerce store testing to be certain all your essential pages are loading properly, and also your login, checkout page, along with other critical procedures are likewise working out.

Together with the monthly maintenance and support plans, you could hire Valet to execute an audit and appraisal of your site, check your website to learn how accessible it is, and also work in a job direction and development capacity.

Therefore if you’ve only built a brand new site and want a person to inspect what is ready for launching.

Your current site requires a little additional care, or you also want some assistance with a brand new project, Valet can definitely offer those services.

In case you are searching for continuing support with the choice of buying additional one-time services to the own WordPress website, Valet might function as one-stop-shop.


9. WP Buff


WP Buff - 15+ WordPress Maintenance and Support Services [Updated 2021]


WP Buffs includes three plans for one to pick from, including, one with unlimited site edits.

Using a starting plan which is going to have exactly the WP Buffs team manage your internet site updates and also a top-notch plan which features unlimited 24/7 site edits and speed optimization.

That service will be able to help you along with your own WordPress website as little or as far as possible prefer.

There is much more collection on each one of the plans, also WP Buffs offers something for most kinds of website owners.

As all the plans include at least one backup of your site to the Amazon S-3 Cloud daily, you can eliminate the risk of losing your site Every one of those three WP Buffs plans comes with emergency service too.

If there exists an issue with your site, like a code mistake that prevents traffic from getting your own articles or a problem with the login page which prevents you from becoming in your WordPress dashboard.

Then the team is readily available round the clock to help, including on weekends — not at all something which’s available from most maintenance and support products and services.

if you choose the top-notch Premium plan, WP Buffs is going to do everything they could to be certain your website is running as soon as possible.

As this service includes the installation and configuration of the premium WP Rocket plugin along with an image marketing tool, enrolling using WP Buffs might possibly be quite a hands-off approach to accelerate your site.

As a result of this comprehensive malware removal service which’s contained on the top plan also, if something will get beyond the WP Buffs team along with your website is compromised.

Then they’ll look after it to you personally, and tense security further to stop it happening. In the event, the most important few plans do not go far enough in assisting you to achieve a speedy and stable site,

Then there is a couple of custom-made plans as well which comprise more services and features, such as for example 24/7 tracking of custom code and also the capability to configure special web hosting surroundings to find the most useful results for the site.


10. WP Tech Support


WP Tech Support - 15+ WordPress Maintenance and Support Services [Updated 2021]


WP Tech Support is another WordPress maintenance and service provider company that has offices within Britain, USA, and India.

Their worldwide locations permit them to provide clients support 24/7 via their protected client panel.

They feature WordPress updates, security scans, off-site site backups, performance improvements, and basic WordPress support.

WP Tech Support plans to start at just $25 monthly, It’s definitely among the lowest WordPress support services.


WP Tech Support Pricing


WP Tech Support Pricing - 15+ WordPress Maintenance and Support Services [Updated 2021]


All plans consist of weekly reports, including daily security checks and weekly WordPress updates for WordPress plugins and also the WordPress core.


11. Maintainn


Maintainn - 15+ WordPress Maintenance and Support Services [Updated 2021]


Maintainn offers development, design, and security services in addition to service if you require it.

As the live chat and email service are operated during office hours, so it’s not going to take long to get a response to your own queries.

Made by WebDevStudios, the Maintainn agency ensures weekly upgrades into these WordPress applications in your own internet site in addition to updates to some themes and plugins you’ve installed.

Your website is likely to be backed up, too, with the backup files being stored off-site for safekeeping. Due to a partnership with all the industry-leading Sucurri.

It’s possible to make certain you’ve done everything you can to maintain your site secure when you become a customer of Maintainn.


Maintainn Pricing


Maintainn Pricing - 15+ WordPress Maintenance and Support Services [Updated 2021]


The most important difference between all plans is the entry plan simply includes upgrades, backups, and service, while on another plan.

The team will likely have an even far more pro-active part in managing your own website. This could include things like executing up time tracking and performance checks.

Additionally, they will repair your internet site free of charge when it has hacked. In the event that you want something in your own site enhanced or fixed,

You are able to get service hours from Maintainn, too. These service hours may be bought in blocks of five full hours and the ones subscribed for the skilled or Enterprise plans are going to be given a discount.

As Maintainn additionally provides hosting, design, and development services as extras with their own subscription programs.

So you might let them take good care of most elements of creating, managing, and supporting your WordPress website if you’d like.


12. WP Tangerine


WP Tangerine - 15+ WordPress Maintenance and Support Services [Updated 2021]


WP Tangerine offers a free-of-charge WordPress expert site analysis to identify any problems where your website might possibly be made better.

In case you are using WordPress for the e-commerce store, then as a result of their attention on supporting websites running WooCommerce, then WP Tangerine can possibly be a very good investment for your business.

All these WordPress + Woo Commerce WP Tangerine plans are not cheap, using relatively higher prices compared to the alternatives within this particular guide.

But, they do have some lower-cost starter plans which tend to be more based on everything you could get elsewhere for an identical price.

However, if you prefer the idea of having the ability to request unlimited WordPress, Woo Commerce, images, and design activities to be performed out to you.

Their superior WordPress + Woo Commerce plans might be exactly what you are searching for. As the simple plan covers up to three internet sites.

WP Tangerine could actually work out to be quite cheap in case you’ve got multiple websites or stores. While you can submit unlimited requests for certain tasks to be carried on your website,

WP Tangerine will just benefit as much as four hours every day in your own website on the top plan, and even fewer hours to your lower-priced plans.

But in the event that you only need some tiny tweaks built to your website or store daily, WP Tangerine might possibly be suitable for your business.

The mid and top-notch plans also have website build and redesign for if your website or store requires a refresh.

In addition to this website design and edits activities, WP Tangerine additionally covers most of the common services that you’d get together with almost any fantastic WordPress service and maintenance plan.

Additionally, they give emergency support if something go wrong with your website.

Whilst the lower-priced beginner plans mentioned earlier in the day do not consist of unlimited task requests, you are able to request 1 task at any given period and energy to be performed out.

Provided that task takes less than half an hour to finish, the WP Tangerine team will probably take action within one business day.

With numerous diverse plans, it’s really a fantastic idea to watch for yourself what is offered by WP Tangerine.

In case you are trying to find a team of Woo Commerce experts to control and encourage your store, WP Tangerine may possibly be a very good fit. But, their newcomer strategies are worth looking into, too.


13. WP Maintainer


WP Maintainer - 15+ WordPress Maintenance and Support Services [Updated 2021]


WP Maintainer is another maintenance service using straightforward pricing — there is just 1 plan plus it provides you with access to all of the simple maintenance qualities you’d need.

You might also readily seek the services of the WP Maintainer team for custom development tweaks (at an additional cost).

The agency comes in Sizeable, also a WordPress design and development service.


Key Features


  • Ticket support
  • Managed WordPress core, theme, and plugin updates
  • Automatic backups to an off-site location
  • Safety tracking and malware clean up powered by Sucuri


You receive full support when you can find any compatibility problems later upgrading

Option to purchase discounted development hours for custom tweaks and modifications

Free migration into a different host throughout the installation process (should you would like to modify)


Pricing of WP Maintainer


WP Maintainer Pricing e1614281739154 - 15+ WordPress Maintenance and Support Services [Updated 2021]


Again, WP Maintainer just has one plan — you’ll pay $99 a month for each one of the qualities in the list previously. In addition, you have the choice to buy custom development hours at a pace of 99/hr.


14. Codeable


Codeable - 15+ WordPress Maintenance and Support Services [Updated 2021]


Codeable is a platform where you are able to hire WordPress experts. If you’d like a custom maintenance bundle, then this may possibly be a fantastic way to seek out somebody who might provide help.

For example, you may want a programmer that will allow you to produce your own website secure and fast.

Unlike to other platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr, or freelancer, Codeable actually features a strong vetting process which helps to ensure that you simply utilize the many experienced WordPress programmers.

Codeable closely vets the programmers they utilize. This makes sure you’ll be dealing together with somebody who has lots of experience.

It’s possible to define precisely what you would like. Most dedicated site maintenance providers ask that you choose from special plans. You may utilize Codeable for one-off support.

As an example, you might need a person that will assist you to establish a WordPress membership site. From then on, you are going to be comfortable caring for the website all on your own.

Codeable comes with a support team that may assist you to get through the process of using their platform to get and assist a programmer. Be aware they don’t really offer actual WordPress support.


15. WP SitePlan


WP SitePlan - 15+ WordPress Maintenance and Support Services [Updated 2021]


Another Choice to Think about is WP Site Plan. Most of its plans incorporate daily backups, database optimization, malware scan, and also upgrades such as WordPress core, themes, and plugins.

If you are looking spending hours every day on those tasks, WP site plan is a wise investment.

Prices start at only $29/month, helping to make WP site plan the very budget-friendly choice with this particular list.

You might even save by deciding to pay yearly rather than monthly. Consequently, if finances will be on the tight side at this time, this care service may possibly still be at your fingertips.


16. SkyrocketWP


SkyrocketWP - 15+ WordPress Maintenance and Support Services [Updated 2021]


SkyrocketWP comes with hosting from Kinsta on all their maintenance and support plans, which makes this a fantastic alternative for anyone seeking a fast home for their site.

Since they’ll migrate your website into Kinsta as a part of this signup method, SkyrocketWP normally takes most the hassles out of updating your own hosting surroundings.

SkyrocketWP starting plan from $49/month, SkyrocketWP is one of the lowest-priced WordPress maintenance and support services around.

The simple fact that these plans comprise handled WordPress hosting out of Kinsta makes them more financially appealing.

Moreover, SkyrocketWP comes with a full-page loading speed guarantee which may refund you the very first month’s payment if your website isn’t faster once they will have migrated it for your own services.

The entry plans consist of daily site backup and real-time security tracking. Additionally, you will get your site protected by hackers, also when it will get infected with malware, then the more SkyrocketWP team will take it off.

If you already host your site using Kinsta, then you’re going to find a discount over the SkyrocketWP plans in the event that you choose to join together with them.

Upgrading to expensive plans, which start at $79/month, has you access to per-week WordPress upgrades, site optimization to allow it to load quicker, and article updates transported around by the SkyrocketWP team.

Additionally, you will have access to some premium tools to boost your site on the top-tier Saturn 5 plan, including a form builder and a lead capture widget.

In case you need to contact SkyrocketWP, you can do so during office hours, unless it’s a hosting issue, then you definitely are able to contact 24/7 via chat or phone.

In case you are trying to find a faster-hosting company, then to be in a position to join using Kinsta along with SkyrocketWP is really a superb way to migrate into managed WordPress hosting


Conclusion — Which One Is the Best for You


The WordPress support market is extremely competitive, therefore that I urge you to search around and talk with many businesses about what exactly your requirements are.

Some factors to Consider when Choosing a WordPress service:

Maintenance:- Would you want a business to handle WordPress updates, security scans, and up-time tracking, or so are those activities that you would like to look after yourself?

Support:- Just how essential is support for your requirements personally? Do you require access for experienced WordPress programmers regularly or would you only need help as soon as your site experiences a big error or hack?

Telephone Support:- Would you require telephone support, or have you been very happy to obtain support via email and live chat?

Support Availability:- Are you currently really happy restricting support to office hours, or can you really desire 24/7 service?

Price:- Would your business afford to spend money on that package you want? Are there any cheaper alternatives? Would it be cheaper to hire a new member of staff instead?.


Do you have questions about choosing a WordPress maintenance service? Let us know in the comments section below!

I hope this article will really help you to find the Best WordPress maintenance and support service. If you learn it useful, kindly vote Yes to “Was this post Helpful” below. Do not forget to share these posts with your relative’s members and friends.


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