Wordpress Top 35+ Wordpress Interview Questions & Answers in 2020


Top 35+ WordPress Interview Questions & Answers in 2020

Are you looking best WordPress quotations for your interview preparation so today we are comes top 35+ WordPress interview questions and answers? so let’s get started…

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wordpress interview questions - Top 35+ Wordpress Interview Questions & Answers in 2020

Top 35+ WordPress interview questions and answers

1. What is WordPress? 

WordPress is an open-source content management system that means that anyone can use or modify the WordPress software for free without needing to know anything about programming & Coding. WordPress is the most popular choice and powers 30% of all websites on the internet.

2. Which year was WordPress released?

Released – 2003

3. Is WordPress secure?

Yes, WordPress website completely secured. And it’s audited regularly by hundreds of developers. There is a lot that can be done to keep your site secure.

4. How many default tables are WordPress? Can you list them?

There are altogether 12 tables by default in WordPress:-

  • wp_options
  • wp_users
  • wp_links
  • wp_commentmeta
  • wp_term_relationships
  • wp_postmeta
  • wp_posts
  • wp_termmeta
  • wp_term_taxonomy
  • wp_usermeta
  • wp_terms
  • wp_comments

5. What are the minimum requirements to run WordPress?

Minimum Requirements are:-

  • PHP Version 7+
  • MySQL 5.6+ OR MariaDB 10+
  • The mod_rewrite Apache module
  • HTTPS support(Recommended)

6. What is the difference between installing and activating a theme?

When a theme into installing your site that means it’s a part of your library and available to active and when a theme is activated on your site it means your site is controlling.

7. how you create a contact form in WordPress?

It’s a very simple go-to plugin section and search a plugin name “Contact form 7” install & activated.

8. Is there any limitation for using WordPress?

WordPress has no limitation and also use e-commerce site, membership site, photo-gallery, and many more.

9. What are meta-tags?

Meta-tags are descriptions and keywords used to display page or website information.

10. What is a Permalink setting?

Permalink is a permanent link to your website’s post or category. It allows you different types of links that you can use of your blog post or category.

11. What is Preview Post in WordPress?

Preview post is to post of overview before publishing to the user.

12. What is Media Library?

Media Library is made up of those audio, images, videos, and files that you can add content when you write a post or page.

13. What is the Page attribute module?

Page attribute module lets you pick parents for the specific page. You might even place an arrangement of those webpages.

14. What is Tag in WordPress?

Tags are the small information add to the main post or page for the purpose of identification. if you add properly, add a tag that helps your visitor find the content very easily.

15. What is the use of Slug field in tags?

It specifies the tags URL.

16. What is the use of adding comments?

Use of adding a comment that means allowed your visitor discussion with you when you approved comments so you can be discussed further.

17. List some features of WordPress.

  • Easy to use
  • Fully SEO by the plugin(Yoast, Rankmath)
  • Easy Installation and Upgrades
  • Install theme and plugin as you want
  • Custom Content Types
  • Multilingual Support
  • Built-in Comments System

18. What is the role of Contributor in WordPress?

A contributor can simply edit and write their articles before publishing. They are able to create their pages and posts but can’t publish them.

hey can’t upload files or images but may see your website’s status. Once they wish to create an article, it has to be notified personally into the administrator with the contributor to review.

After the item is accepted, the contributor Can’t create any modifications once published.

19. What is the role of Editor in WordPress?

The editor role in WordPress has access to all pages, posts, categories, comments, tags. They can publish, delete, create any pages or posts.

20. What is the role of the Viewer in WordPress?

Viewers only can read and comment on your post.

wordpress interview questions and answers - Top 35+ Wordpress Interview Questions & Answers in 2020

21. What is the use of Avatar field in WordPress Discussion Setting?

Avatar is your profile picture of WordPress that shows on your dashboard top-right hand side corner.

22. What is a loop in WordPress?

WordPress uses PHP codes to display posts. This PHP code is known as a loop.

23. How can you edit a WordPress comment?

You can simply edit the comment goto your dashboard and then comment section and select Edit to edit a comment.

24. How to allow only registered users to comment on WordPress?

Yes, it’s possible if you want to allow only registered users to comment on your blog post. Goto dashboard click setting goto discussions, and select option “Users must be registered and logged in to comment”.

25. Explain Avatar and Gravatar in WordPress?

Avatar that only uses for a user’s profile image with chat. Gravatar is a web-based service that allows its users to use the Avatar image.

26. How to convert a category into the tag?

Install a plugin “Categories and Tags Converter.”

27. How many types of users WordPress have?

List types of users:-

  • Administrator:- full control of the site
  • Editor:- They can edit content of a website.
  • Author:- They only can accesses their post. they also can delete a post after publishing
  • Contributor:- They need to send it to the administrator for review.
  • Subscriber:- They only can log in on your website.
  • Follower:- They don’t have any rights. They can only read and comment on your post.

28. Why is Backup important?

Backup is always important because, unfortunately, your site is hacked then backup help of your site to import you all content.

29. How to take the backup of a WordPress site?

It’s a very simple process to install a plugin “all in one wp migration plugin”.

30. What are the types of hooks in WP?

two type hooks in wp action hooks and filter hooks.

31. What is an action hook?

Actions permit you to bring extra functionality in a particular point from the processing of this page–as an instance, you may like to add more menus or widgets, or even add a promotional message into your web page.

32. What is a filter hook?

Filters permit you to intercept and alter data as it’s processed–as an instance, you could like to add yet another CSS class at a WordPress HTML element or alter any of your pages blocks.

33. What is the loop in WordPress?

The Loop is a PHP code used by WordPress to display posts.

34. How to reset password in WordPress?

If you want to change your wp password, so wp gives you four options that can help you very easily change wp password


  • Using emergency password reset script
  • Change password from your wp dashboard
  • Change the password through database via phpMyadmin
  • Resent password via email

35. How do you remove P and Br tags in WordPress posts?

Open functions.php in your currently active theme and add the following lines.remove_filter( ‘the_content’, ‘wpautop’ );
remove_filter( ‘the_excerpt’, ‘wpautop’ );

36. Alternative CMS of WordPress?

  • Joomla
  • Wix
  • Weebly

37. What are the features of WordPress?

The key features of WordPress are:–

  • Full user registration
  • Password Protected Posts
  • Easy Importing
  • Comments
  • Spam protection
  • Easy installation and upgrades
  • Text formatting
  • Multiple authors
  • Bookmarklets
  • Ping away

38. How many types of users Role in WordPress?

List types of user types of roles:-

  • Administrator Role
  • Author Role
  • Editor Role
  • Subscriber Role
  • Contributor Role

39. Why is WordPress the best CMS?

WordPress is the best CMS in the world because of its features and advantages.

Below some reasons listed why WordPress the best CMS:-

  • Available huge numbers of themes and plugins
  • Easy to use
  • SEO friendly
  • Full Security

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