What Are the Best Web Design Trends in 2021?

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We all know first impressions matter.

Your website is the first impression of your company most customers will have.

The design of your website speaks volumes about the type of company you have.

Is your company a classic style? Is it quirky? What personality are you trying to put forward?

We want to have every visitor to your site left with the exact impression your after.

We have put together this list of the top web design trends of 2021 so you can put together the best website possible.


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Web Design Trends 2021


Whether you are building it yourself or having it built by a professional web designer, these trends will give you the tools to create an industry-leading site.


Retro Fonts


Just like fashion, things come in and out of style. In 2021, we are seeing retro fonts come back into style.

This web design trend is not so much utilizing old fonts exactly, but turning retro fonts into an artistic style.

Reimaging typography is an easy way to make your website stand out.

It turns the text on the page into a statement about your companies style and personality.


3D Visuals 


High-quality 3D visuals are being utilized to grab website visitor’s attention.

When utilized correctly, 3D visuals add a sense of uniqueness and cause the page to come alive, jumping from the screen.

Yaya provides an excellent example of what this looks like when done well.

Their 3D animations draw the viewer in creating an urge to learn more.


Augmented Reality (AR)


Augmented Reality (AR) entered the public conciseness with interactive games like Pokémon Go.

This web design strategy provides the opportunity to immerse site visitors in your product or brand.

Jeep has utilized this to great effect with the opportunity for potential customers to design their own Jeep.

Rather than using their website to just try to push visitors to the nearest dealership.

They allow them to design and fall in love with their product with just a few clicks.


Web Design Focused on Preference


Offering website visitors the ability to toggle changes to match their preferences is becoming more an expectation than a unique feature.

Allowing visitors to toggle between light/dark modes is just the beginning.

What about allowing them to scroll horizontally rather than vertically?

Giving the website viewer the power to customize their experience will drastically improve their enjoyment.

Viewing a website is becoming less a passive experience with new web design trends providing interactions to heighten visitor’s experiences.


Geometric Grids


Geometric grids are becoming an incredibly popular way to structure website layout.

They give a bold and clean feel to the website and offer a lot of flexibility for the designer.

Hudson Gavin and Martin are a perfect example of how grids can be used in a clean yet engaging way.

Their design grabs the viewers’ attention while also making navigation very easy.


Designing Gorgeous Websites


Utilizing these web design trends of 2021 will lead to a gorgeous website that visitors want to stay on.

The key to deciding which follow is by considering them through the lens of your customer.

What will engage your customer, make them want to learn more, or make a purchase.

To learn more about how to make your website as powerful as possible, visit our blog page for more advice.

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