Must Follow These 06 SEO Techniques to Drive More Traffic to your Websites

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Website traffic is of great value to business owners and web admins because each visitor means a new opportunity.

The more the traffic, the more opportunities for the business to grow, reach its target audience, and ultimately sell its products.

And one of the best ways to increase a website’s traffic count is to ensure that it is optimized for search engines.


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But before deploying tactics and features that make your website is SEO-friendly and receives the visits and clicks you desire, check where your website lies in the search results.

Various tools on the internet can help you determine the current standing of your website on SERPs.

Once you know where your website stands, it would be easier for you to devise a plan to reach outlined goals.

Some SEO techniques to employ are listed below. 


1. Improving Technical SEO


Technical SEO is the process that ensures a website meets the necessities of modern search engines.

Even if everything else is in place, the website may face a slump in rankings if you ignore minor technical details.

There are several points to consider within a website’s technical aspects.

For example, it is essential to ensure the website loads on HTTPS instead of HTTP.

The “S” indicates it is more secure, which is a crucial factor leading to good rankings.

You can also invest in crawling software that provides insights into a website’s technical features and overall SEO health. 

Accelerated mobile pages are another example of a technical SEO that you need to optimize.

It is an easy way to provide mobile users with mobile-optimized content.

Considering that most internet users use their smartphones to browse the internet, this is a sure-shot method of ensuring good rankings.  


2. Good Quality Backlinks


Good quality backlinks help to improve a website’s rankings drastically.

Since building links can be cumbersome, consider hiring an agency, such as LinkBuilding HQ SEO link building agency, to get the job done.

But in a nutshell, avoid building spammy links and other black-hat SEO practices at all costs.

These will only hurt your website’s rankings – probably even earn you a penalty.

It is binding to a diverse link-building strategy to promote the website to a broader audience and build more online trust.

Consider a mix of both high and low DA websites while ensuring that your content is relevant and high-quality.


3. Enhance User Experience


The more time internet users stay on a website, the lower its bounce rate and the higher its credibility and relevance to the target audience.

Consequently, the website will have a high ranking on SERPs. 

Alternatively, websites with bad user experience are unlikely to go up in rankings.

You can enhance the user experience of your website in numerous ways.

For starters, ensure that the design isn’t outdated and amateurish. 

Ensure that the content you upload is easy to read by most people.

Good grammar, quality information, short paragraphs, dividing the content by the help of subheadings, and including images are tips to ensure high-quality content.

It is also vital to increase the speed of the website as slow loading times create a horrible user experience and are one of the primary reasons behind a high bounce rate.

To achieve this, remove unimportant code from the website, reduce server response timings, and using smaller image sizes in your content.


4. Voice Search


With time, smart speakers are becoming increasingly common all around the world.

This makes voice search a vital part of the SEO strategy.

According to Gartner, approximately 30% of the searches in 2020 were voice searches.

Therefore, optimizing voice search has become mandatory for better rankings.

When optimizing for voice search, it is helpful to use long-tail keywords in your website.

This is because voice search queries are longer than typed searches.

Using structured data can also help boost the chances of the website’s data being used as an answer to a voice search.

It helps Google in understanding the themes and subjects of a webpage better.

As a result, it improves the rankings of the website.


5. Emphasize on Topic Clusters


With Google’s algorithm evolving, it focuses on the users’ intention for making a given search.

This makes it essential to focus on the context of the topics as well as keywords.

Recognizing the target audience will help create quality and specific content, hence better SEO.

Organizing content into different themes helps.

The cluster model works by putting relevant parts of content together.

Although, keywords still hold importance.

Missing a keyword or making a mistake here can negatively impact the rankings immediately.

Keyword search aids in analyzing the topics you want to create content with.


6. Make Content More Engaging


Longer content usually has the possibility of being more informative by incorporating more backlinks and keywords.

Hence, it proves beneficial for the website and drives more traffic to it.

There is a possibility of making one piece of content for various searches.

Articles should be engaging, so the users stay on the website for longer.

Instead of writing everything from scratch, it is a smart move to update already existing information and add extra content for your website’s established readers.

Using more images and videos makes content more interactive.

Other ways to make content more engaging are using puzzles, surveys, and 3D videos.

The more interactive and engaging the content, the more the users’ chances of sharing it on their social media profiles.

As a result, more flows towards the website, and its rankings surge upwards.  




Rapidly changing search algorithms have put business owners and their marketing teams under pressure.

With the increase in competition within the digital space, business owners and web admins need to be at the top of their game to ensure better SERPs rankings.

They have to adapt quickly, but even then, there is no assurance of rankings becoming better.

Becoming a pro at SEO happens only with experience and constant effort.

Once the basics of the techniques mentioned earlier are applied, an improvement in rankings should be visible.



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