Top 5 SEO Tools Become An Awesome SEO Professional in 2021

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an essential digital marketing technique for online businesses.

The procedure implies manipulating keywords and key phrases to attract more traffic to a website and increase overall revenue.

SEO professionals research beforehand and use various tools to implement writing that will increase online visibility.

There’s an old saying, having the right tools is half the job – it’s no different for SEO. In this piece, we’re going to examine some of the best SEO instruments out there.

Nonetheless, the tools are essential, but you’ll also need to know the basics. Instead of thinking, “oh, I’ll just pay someone to do my assignment,” try to learn the trade and be your own SEO expert.


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This way, you won’t just save money, but you’ll be able to tailor your SEO operations to your specific needs.

So, without further ado, let’s jump right in: 


1. Google Search Console (GSC)


We’re starting with the most dominating company on the internet: Google.

They’re the largest search engine on the internet, and they host the vast majority of websites.

Google Search Console is a digital instrument for SEO specialists and web admins.

It provides detailed insight into search engine visibility, visitor traffic, and other metrics. 

GSC lets you research keywords by search volume and provides suggestions, even for long-tail keywords.

Furthermore, you can check your rank by accessing SERP Rank Tracking, Rank Alerts, and Localization features.

GSC is capable of Link Building and Backlink Monitoring for Off-page SEO.

Finally, you can analyze your competition and visualize Data and Custom Reports.  

The tool doesn’t only allow adjustments but also provides info about website navigation issues.

Additionally, GSC works best paired with Google Analytics which is another free SEO tool from Google.


2. WordPress Yoast SEO


The following position on our list goes to the Yoast SEO plugin from WordPress, which powers more than 30% of the internet.

A ton of companies are using Yoast SEO to power up their content strategically through SEO writing.

For example, an online newspaper or an essay writing service will favor this plugin because of its tips-and-tricks design that also considers some grammar elements.  

Yoast SEO has Keyword Research, SERP Rank Tracking, Off-page SEO Link options, and Competitor Analysis.   

The full service costs $89, but there’s also a free, open-source version that you can use.

In a few words, this plugin thoroughly analyzes your keyword plan and suggests implementation options through its Insights feature.

It will also propose synonyms and alternative keywords to improve your page ranking.

More so, Yoast SEO has seemingly infinite guides and tutorials about SEO.

Customer service isn’t that bad either, and it’s available around the clock.


3. SEMrush


The well-deserved third place goes to SEMrush online visibility platform.

Millions of digital marketing pros use this Software as a Service (SaaS) app.

SEMrush is popular because it works. It can retrieve data from 140 countries and has a myriad of internal tools. 

The application has many Metrics, including Engagement, Search Rank, and number of Sessions and Returns.

Audience Insights allows you to get to know your public.

The Keyword Research options are comprehensive, and the SERP Rank Tracking is paired up with intelligent Rank Alerts.

You can modify your Off-Page SEO Links and consult various SEO Reports.          

SEMrush has a pretty straightforward design through a central search bar.

Just type in whatever you’re looking for, and you’ll at least get some good directions.

The high number of toolkits makes this app a valid contender for top digital marketing specialists.


4. Ahrefs  


Ahrefs is an SEO company that took the market by storm with its high-speed indexing power and enormous 11 billion keyword database.

The company specializes in backlinking with a large number of integrated tools.

More precisely, Ahrefs is the current leader in backlink indexing. 

This Singapore-based program has a robust Keyword Research and Rank Tracking toolkit.

It provides extensive reports regarding off-page SEO specifics and alerts the user whenever necessary.

Additionally, the app allows the user to conduct a Website Audit and find SEO issues. 

Apart from its vast database and indexing power, people also use it because of its intuitive design.

Its Content Explorer feature may be the most comprehensive performance analytic in the industry.

The latter helps you spot the most trendy content online to adopt a winning strategy for yourself. 


5. Woorank


Last but not least, Woorank is an easy-to-use SEO platform that performs detailed evaluations on ranking, keyword positioning, user experience, etc.

The standard version costs $59 per month, while the professional version’s $179 per month.

The somewhat steep price makes it up with its numerous features regarding the world of SEO. 

Just as the other apps cited above, Woorank has Keyword Research and Rank Tracking possibilities, Off-Page SEO Link Building, and SEO Reporting of the competition.  

Woorank provides its audit in a branded PDF file that’s great for business presentations.

Next, its Competitive Analysis tool compares your competitors with your keyword strategy and suggests improvements.     

SEO knowledge is necessary but not sufficient – you’ll also need the best SEO tools on the market if you want to stay ahead.

The three podium places go to Google Search Console (GSC), WordPress Yoast SEO, and SEMrush.

Nevertheless, Ahrefs and Woorank are excellent market choices.

The most important thing is to experiment with different tools and see what fits you the best!



Susanna Balashova is a creative writer, editor, and staff manager at the best essay writing service. She’s a digital marketing specialist with extensive experience in devising SEO strategies for local businesses. In her leisure time, Susanna likes to read fanfic sketches and watch old TV shows.




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