Top 5 Recommend Security Plugins for Website [Updated 2021]

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Undoubtedly, WordPress is one of the best choices for countless professionals when it comes to CMS.

Being open-source in nature, you can easily rely on WordPress for building your business websites with stunning SEO-friendly features.

On the other hand, WordPress users claim that it is a highly secure platform and can help your business to grow in the right direction.

However, you can’t overlook the requirements for tight security protocols for your business.


Best WordPress Security Plugins 2021 - Top 5 Recommend Security Plugins for Website [Updated 2021]


After all, it’s the business website through which intruders might be trying to trespass your business primitives.

Keep your WordPress sites safe from hacking trials, malware attacks,s and brute force ones with WordPress Security Plugins.

We have picked only trusted plugins that can maintain your WordPress security at the optimum level. But, before that –


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How can a WordPress Security Plugin Make the Difference?


If you want to entrust only the built-in security measures for WordPress Development, then you’re probably repeating the mistake that other WordPress developers made.

As a result, every week almost millions of websites encounter malware attacks worldwide.

However, this statistical data indicates both WordPress and non-WordPress websites.

If any stranger gets into your business system and tries breaching your business details, then the consequences can go severe.

Here are instances of how data breaching through WordPress websites can affect your business endeavors.


  • Digital attackers might sneak into customer and audience details from seams present on your WordPress development.
  • Your business can manifest tremendous loss due to data loss and compromising issues.
  • Additionally, it can spoil the brand reputation of your business.
  • SEO rankings might witness a negative impact.


To escape such results when it comes to the security of WordPress websites, make a fresh start with the WordPress security plugin.

Security plugins are designed to offer tighter protection to WordPress websites. Such plugins keep the detection on for malware attacks.

Thus, you are aware of attack attempts on your WordPress website.

Additionally, the built-in firewall protection on these plugins keeps the website safe from brute force attacks, hacking, and much more.


5 Best Hand-picked Plugins for WordPress Security


Don’t compromise with the WordPress protection regime and entrust suitable WordPress security plugins for reliable support.

Let’s introduce you to the most popular WordPress security plugins for your website. 


1. Sucuri compress image 10 - Top 5 Recommend Security Plugins for Website [Updated 2021]


Without any controversy, Sucuri is the best-known WordPress security plugin to date.

And, numerous WordPress developers trust Sucuri due to its all-in-one security platform.

Well, you can try its free version for trial cases. But, the plugin gets more powerful when you avail the paid Pro version.

Sucuri would remove malware if the WordPress website has any.

Additionally, its firewall setup keeps all the external and internal threats away and the chances of brute force attack gradually decrease.

By the way, Sucuri security is ready for an easy setup on the dashboard of WordPress.

You can manually check the status of malware attacks and detect them beforehand.

Surprisingly, you can take note of every minute detail on your WordPress websites such as failed login attempts, last login history, file changes, and much more.

Moreover, activate DDoS protection with the help of selected plans of Sucuri.

Apart from securing your website, this plugin can enhance server performance.

Thus, keep your WordPress websites protected against XSS, SQL injections, and other attacks with Sucuri.


2. Wordfence compress image 11 scaled - Top 5 Recommend Security Plugins for Website [Updated 2021]


In case, you’re looking for a free and multi-talented WordPress security plugin for your website.

Then Wordfence is at your rescue. Avail a competent malware scanner, threat detection, and exploit assessment features with Wordfence. 

Furthermore, once activated, Wordfence keeps looking for threats attacking your website with automatic scanning and detection.

And, you can make use of the Full-Scan feature whenever you don’t want to compromise your security online.

In case the security plugin detects any threat, you will be notified.

The security measures would instruct you on how to get rid of the attacks and threats efficiently.

In addition to similar security protocols like Sucuri, Wordfence too comes with a WordPress-compatible firewall.

The firewall activates on the server before you load the WordPress website. However, Wordfence Security is pretty easy to install on WordPress platforms.


3. iThemes Security Pro compress image 12 - Top 5 Recommend Security Plugins for Website [Updated 2021]


Have you been using WordPress for a long time?  If yes, then you might be familiar with BackupBuddy.

However, the same plugin creators have figured out an impressive WordPress security plugin, named iThemes Security Pro.

All their plugins are a great choice for WordPress development due to their user-friendly features.

However, iThemes Security Pro is the ultimate option to restrict brute force attacks for WordPress websites.

iThemes Security Pro lets you use two-factor authentication for an additional layer of security measure on your website.

It would automatically detect error 404 and scan plugins and their features before testing.

Moreover, the plugin keeps scheduled WordPress backups ready for effective security measures. 

It would notify you about any website activity through email alerts. Moreover, the plugin lets you control the login attempts.

But, the plugin lacks its own malware checker or firewall technology. That’s why iThemes Security Pro has to rely on a Site check malware scanner from Sucuri.


4. MalCare


mockDrop iMac scaled - Top 5 Recommend Security Plugins for Website [Updated 2021]


If you want to follow the footprints of trendsetters such as WPBuffs, GoWP, Cloudways, and others then you can put your faith in MalCare.

It can be your prime WordPress security plugin choice if you don’t want to waste your time and effort in launching manual scans and detections.

The fully-automated malware scanner and remover from MalCare wipe out unwanted malware and viruses from your website.

And, that’s too within a minute. You can now say goodbye to unnecessary slowdowns on WordPress servers.

Moreover, you can completely rely on the firewall protection of MalCare. It is capable of blocking suspicious IP addresses.

Well, the security plugin would deliver you a WordPress backup for 90-days. Therefore, you need not freak about losing your website data. Additionally.

The pricing of MalCare is reasonable with its full-fledged automated malware removal, firewall, and website management.


5. Jetpack compress image 13 scaled - Top 5 Recommend Security Plugins for Website [Updated 2021]


We have got another all-in-one solution for WordPress security premises. Overcome all known vulnerabilities over WordPress management with Jetpack and its impeccable features.

\It facilitates real-time backup schedules for your website. So, there’s no chance of missing out on any single data from your website.

The functionality of Jetpack has positively impacted its fame and 5 million people have already started using it.

Furthermore, the 1-click restore amenity is mind-blowing for tackling slowdowns.

You can identify those activities that intricate mysterious tasks on WordPress websites with Jetpack.

On the other hand, Jetpack provides you with spam protection, decentralized malware scanning, and email alerts.

These features would keep your WordPress website from brute force attacks and malware.

On an interesting note, it automatically boots up WordPress plugins and updates them day-to-day.


So, how to Select the WordPress Security Plugin for your Website?


Before you hurry and come to a decision on the best WordPress security plugin there are factors.

That you should watch out for. Otherwise, it can make you compromise with the speed and performance of the WordPress website.

Don’t forget to inspect the hosting service. Verify whether your hosting service provider is already offering updates, backups, firewalls, and scan features.

If your hosting service doesn’t, then you have to opt for a WordPress security plugin.

Furthermore, understand the features and claims of the security plugins before you make any commitment.

In addition to this, compare the prices in accordance with the features for availing the best deal.

So, analyze the preferences and security gaps of your WordPress website.

Then, you can decide on the best-in-class WordPress security plugin from the above-mentioned ones.



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