Best plagiarism checker plugin for WordPress sites

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WordPress is the most famous Content Management System which organizes more than 1.3 billion websites. The major reason behind its popularity is the ease to create a website without having any programming knowledge. 

The availability of plugins and themes have made the development and designing easier than any other CMS platform. WordPress has around 80k plugins and around 40k themes which can be installed on your site for improving the website. 

There are different categories of plugins and themes including education, e-commerce, graphics, and some more. 

Each category has tough competition for the features of plugins. Similarly, the plagiarism checker plugin is available in hundreds but selecting the best plugin is quite a difficult task. 

In this article, we discussed some of the best plugins to check plagiarism in the entire website. Reading this comparison website, you can identify the best plagiarism checker for your website. 


1. Prepost SEO


The first most amazing plagiarism checker for a WordPress site is Prepostseo. This plugin is not just a plagiarism checker instead there are multiple features of this plugin.

image1 1 - Best plagiarism checker plugin for WordPress sites


We have listed some of the features of this amazing plugin below:-


  • It checks the plagiarism of your post and indicates the percentage of unique and plagiarized content 
  • It checks the SEO status of your post to improve your content for ranking 
  • It has a grammar checker that checks the grammar mistakes in your content and help to improve it 
  • It checks the overall readability of a single post and tells the score 
  • It finds the broken link in your post which is bad for the SEO of your website
  • It analyzes your content and gives you suggestions for improving the SEO of your content for making it enough to rank
  • It measures the word, characters, and lines in your content 

This is one of the best plagiarism checker plugins for your WordPress site because it also helps to measure the SEO of your site and this way, you can easily know which content of your website is in lacks SEO. 


2. Plagiarism Checker Pro


This is another WordPress plagiarism checker that checks the duplicate content over just a single click. 

It scans your content and finds the sources from where the content is matched or find any similarity. 

This plagiarism checker supports multiple languages including English, Hindi, German, Spanish, and French. 


image3 - Best plagiarism checker plugin for WordPress sites


This plugin is not completely free as it provides a 10-day free trial and later, you need to activate the plugin by getting the subscription from their website. 

When you are making a WordPress blog post, you just need to click on the button of this plugin and it will automatically verify the originality of your website. 


3. TruVisibility Plagiarism Checker


Amongst the best plagiarism checker for WordPress, this plagiarism plugin is another option that can help you when identifying the originality of writing. 

It can help you know which part of your writing is copied from another source while it can also help you to find which of the website is using your content. 

The most amazing feature of this plugin is that it tells additional information about the one who copied your content. 

For example, it will tell the information including Name, e-Mail address, and URL of the web page which copied your content. 

image2 - Best plagiarism checker plugin for WordPress sites


Moreover, you can directly send the DMCA notice to the copier and this way, the taking down of the content becomes easier. 

Besides checking for plagiarism, this WordPress Plugin also features a valuable tool to know the reaction of the readers towards your audience. 

This way, you can improve your engagement rate and improve the CTR with your content. 




WordPress plugins for checking plagiarism are great ways to save your time and expense. There was a time when you have to check the plagiarism on a third-party website. 

But now, the time has changed as there are multiple plagiarism checkers over WordPress. 

Although there are numerous plugins for this purpose on WordPress but not all the plugins are enough to deliver accuracy. 

The above-mentioned list is the best plugins and you can use them without any hesitation like the accuracy of the plugin. 


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