7 Strategies Marketers Can Utilize to Identify Online Customers Pain-Points

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Technology dominates the modern world’s functioning as it has paved the way for success in every industry and sector.

People’s reliance on technical devices has come to the point that their lives come to a halt when there is a glitch in technology.

Today, e-stores have replaced brick-and-mortar shops.

Technology has enabled many people to venture into the business world, opening e-commerce businesses, further expanding the online business area.

Technological advancements keep bringing wonders to the fore and offer further ease to human lives.

Today, many people prefer shopping without stepping out from the comfort of their homes.

Online shopping is booming as people avoid dealing with traffic or the need to bear traveling costs.  


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However, every business begins with a unique idea that seeks to provide solutions to people’s needs, both visible and underlying.

Identifying visible needs and wants is easy, but underlying and unmet needs are challenging to determine.

Customers may have various unmet needs, and in marketing terms, we call them pain points.

Entrepreneurs can identify customers’ pain points and create opportunities for themselves by offering solutions to them.

To address and cater to customers’ pain points, business owners need to identify these first. In an online setup, it can be challenging.

Identifying customers’ pain points helps marketers devise a relevant marketing strategy that effectively addresses all the pain points.

Diagnosing customers’ pain points can help businesses achieve satisfied customers and improve sales.

Customers’ pain points can be as diverse as the customers themselves, making it more difficult for marketers to recognize them.

Undoubtedly, satisfying online customers and addressing their various issues require different procedures.


Below we are listing some strategies that marketers can utilize to identify online customers’ pain points:-


1. Interact with Customers


An old yet effective way of getting an insight into customers’ behaviors, lifestyles, and buying patterns is to interact with them.

In a traditional market, business owners organize numerous events and seminars to interact with customers and identify their pain points.


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Interacting with customers becomes a little tricky in an online setup, but it is not impossible.

Entrepreneurs can hire internet marketing services, learn about different ways of acquiring information about customers, and become aware of their unmet needs.

Encouraging customers to participate in your niche-related forums and reading their comments can help get an idea about their pain points.


2. Conduct Research


Conducting research is a crucial aspect of running a business, and it holds equal significance while dealing with online customers.

The Internet has given numerous easy tools to help marketers conduct research and learn more about target customers.


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The secret is to frame the right questions that require precise answers and provide some value.

Marketers can devise practical questions and send them to their customers using different Internet platforms to gain an insight into their purchase patterns.

Research findings can help marketers diagnose online customers’ pain points and address them accordingly.


3. Engage with your Sales Team


The motive behind venturing into the competitive business world is attracting more people and turning them into actual customers.

Marketers often only focus on attracting new customers and expanding their customer base, neglecting existing customers.

It can prove detrimental as your existing customers are the ones who can help you determine various pain points and areas of improvement.

But how to approach existing customers?

Your sales team is the one that directly interacts with existing customers.

Thus getting their input can help marketers identify existing customers’ pain points.

Asking the sales team’s right questions and encouraging them to participate will help marketers recognize online customers’ pain points.


4. Keep an Eye on Customers’ Reviews and Testimonials


Online shopping is not devoid of scams, and many people have not-so-pleasant experiences with e-shopping.

People post their good or bad experiences online to help their fellow shoppers.

Marketers can leverage these reviews and testimonials to educate themselves about customers’ unmet needs.

Monitoring online reviews help determine what the customer desires and what it despises.

Customers often post about their pain points openly, and entrepreneurs can formulate their strategies accordingly.


5. Take Advantage of Online Platforms


Dealing with customers online compels companies to utilize several online platforms.

These platforms are mainly websites where customers interact with each other and share various experiences.

It can also help marketers identify customers’ pain points.

People discuss different brands and companies on numerous forums through their blogs, videos, and images.

Therefore, marketers can analyze them and dive deep into customers’ concerns.

They can dedicate some hours every week, look up various forums, and elicit responses to customers’ issues.

For example, marketers can use a keyword search to filter the information on websites and learn about buyers’ pain points.


6. Monitor Social Media


Social media platforms are powerful as their users are constantly increasing, and many users use numerous social media networks simultaneously.

Besides, social media has provided regular people with a platform to share their thoughts and raise their concerns openly.

Marketers need to monitor social media closely to gain more information about their target customers.

Brands can integrate different social media networks.

It will enable them to do a quick search and enlighten themselves about the issues that customers face.

Compared to websites, where customers share product/service experiences, social media is a more rich hub.

On social media, customers are constantly active and share their concerns every day.


7. Stay Abreast with Competitors’ Strategies


Staying updated about competitors’ latest techniques and strategies is a crucial aspect of running business operations.

Your competitors’ target customers and yours are almost the same.

You will probably miss out on some critical techniques that your competitors apply if you don’t monitor them.

Keeping an eye on competitors’ ongoing strategies can help you identify online customers’ pain points without spending efforts on your methods.




Business owners can address customers’ pain points by offering them unique solutions and added value.

Today, people prefer using the Internet for almost every activity, including shopping.

They often post about their issues online and look for solutions on the Internet.

Entrepreneurs can take advantage and provide solutions to customers’ pain points and create opportunities for themselves to improve their sales.

Marketers often find it difficult to recognize online customers’ pain points as dealing with customers on the Internet requires marketers to follow different methods.

However, applying various strategies can help them identify online customers’ pain points and use them smartly to generate more revenue.



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