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Every website owner wants his site to be ranked on the top results. If you want your website or page to appear on the top SERPs, you must have plenty of good quality links.

You must know that the backlinks refer to the sites and pages connecting to your page for those of our readers who don’t know about the backlinks concept: If a website or page connecting to yours has relevant or similar content as yours, it is known to be one of the top-authority links.

The more high-quality backlinks you would get, the better would be your SEO score. 

Today making backlinks has become extremely easy and fast. All you need is help from online backlink generator tools.

In this post, you will find the details of the best backlink checker and backlink maker tools available on the internet.


backlinks checker - Backlink Checker Tools - Check Free Website Backlink Online


What are the online backlink maker and checker tools?


The online backlink maker tools are the ones that can help you get information about the websites that are having high quality and relevant links like yours.

You must know that using online backlink maker tools can help you save a lot of time previously wasted in the traditional finding of backlinks.

As the name tells us, the backlink checker tools are the tools that can help you check the quality of the links you have found. Now only this, you can also use the online backlink checker tools to find out the links that are available on another website. 

In the below section, you will examine information about the best backlink maker and backlink checker tools that you should try in 2021.


Best Backlink Checker Utilities


Here are some of the well-reputed tools available on the web:-


Backlink checker by Search Engine Reports


The backlink checker by this website is among the top-notch tools available on the web. This backlink checker is free to use, and the results produced by it are quite reliable.

All you need is to enter the website’s domain address on which you want to check backlinks. After entering the domain address, all you need to do is hit the ‘check backlinks’ button.

The utility would get you results in less than ten to twenty seconds. The results would tell you about the URL, the anchor text, the DR score, the link type, and the referring domains and the IPs.

Search Engine Reports also provides an exceptionally reliable backlink generator tool with the help of which you can make high-authority inbound and outbound links!


SEO Wagon


This is a very well-known tool that can help you check as well as create backlinks. This backlink checker/generator is quite easy to use, and you can utilize it without any experience and skills.

Linking with high-authority websites is time-taking and is a difficult task. If you want to make the process of making and checking links easier, then you need to try out this website.

What makes this website’s SEO tools different from others is that they produce accurate and top-quality results. This is a very practical service, which is why it is ranked as the top one on the web.


Real Backlinks


This is another online free backlink generator cum checker tool with the help of which you can get high-authority links. The working of this tool is quite efficient and reliable.

You can enter the links in the tool’s input box, and based on the input, the tool would get you relevant results. You can easily check the backlinks being used on a website and get information about the new ones.

The links that this tool creates are of high quality, and you will be shocked to know that it can find hundreds of different links in less than one minute. These links would help you rank better on not only Google but also on Yahoo and Bing.


SEO Unity


This is also a free backlink checker service that can help you find out the backlinks used on different websites. If you want to knock your competition down, you must find out what kinds of links they are using.

You can easily connect to these links and can take your website to the top shelves. This is an easy-to-use tool and can help you a lot in improving SEO score and positioning.


Ping Bomb


This backlink checker can help you hunt all sorts of relevant links to your content. You must know that the backlink making option of this tool can help you get around 105 links in one go. It doesn’t not only find the links but also pings them. In this way, you get many high authority links. 

Using these above-listed services, you can easily check the links being used for quality and other metrics. You can also make fresh links.


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