Game-Changing Marketing Strategies for Your Storage Business

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Today, the self-storage industry in the United States is experiencing rapid growth.

From students, homeowners, to businesses – everyone has become dependent on these storage solutions.

As the industry is booming, the competition also increases. Therefore, it is crucial to differentiate your business from its competitors.

And for this, you can implement innovative self-storage marketing ideas to spread the word and capture audiences’ attention.

However, it is easier said than done. Most self-storage owners only focus on profit and routine operations.

In other words, they only concentrate on getting the job done and ignore the big picture. 


image1 - Game-Changing Marketing Strategies for Your Storage Business


Marketing the business can create a pipeline of customers, boosting revenue generation and profitability.

Perhaps, you engage with customers on social media, offer a virtual tour, or use Google ads. With the right set of marketing strategies, your storage business can thrive in no time.

And if you need help with it, keep reading. Here we are unfolding five game-changing marketing strategies for your storage business. 


1. Leverage Paid Advertisements


Although free tools can do wonders for your business, it could be a wise idea to pay for some inbound traffic.

Paid advertisement campaigns such as pay-per-click and cost-per-click ads target people with a genuine interest in your offerings.

Hence, in addition to driving traffic, it can significantly boost conversion rates.

Therefore, make sure to include paid advertisements in your self-storage digital marketing campaigns.

Moreover, you can even use these ads for retargeting people. For instance, if someone visited your website and bounced back, you can retarget that person through paid ads.

The ads will display on that user’s social media accounts, search engine results, and web pages they visit.

Do you know the best part? You only have to pay when the user clicks on the ad, maximizing return on investment.



2. Invest in Web Development & Design


Nowadays, having a website is essential for every business; meaning, you have to develop a business webpage.

There, you can talk about storage solutions your company offers and how customers can benefit from them.

In addition, you can add an option of online bookings and payments so that tenants don’t have to travel all the way to pay bills. 

Most importantly, you have to ensure the website is user-friendly. Having a slow webpage with hard-to-understand navigation can drive away traffic.

You have to add little content with graphics and visuals to make your company look interesting.

Similarly, use a simple template and create a clean design with elements that pull the webpage together.

After all, your website would be leaving the first impression on the customer; hence, you have to make it perfect!


3. Create A Compelling Social Media Presence


The majority of people use social media forums such as Facebook and Instagram to search for products and services.

Thus, investing time into these platforms for your self-storage business can be a game-changer. Alongside creating brand awareness, social media can help you reach a lot of customers.

You can post pictures of the storage facility, publish special offers, and engage with digital consumers by responding to their comments and messages. 

Similarly, you can post video walk-throughs of available storage units to help users understand your services better.

In short, the goal is to get creative with social media accounts. Self-storage might seem like an ordinary industry, but you can attract many people with the right social media marketing strategies. 


4. Offer a Virtual Tour


Your website might have a lot of content regarding the services you provide, but that won’t be enough.

As competition is spiking in this industry, you have to find a way to gain an edge over competitors. So, why not introduce an intuitive virtual tour on the website?

People will no longer have to drive to the storage facility to browse units since the virtual tour with help visit the entire place.

Everyone would get to see the space and measurements of your facility right from the website. 

Moreover, you can make the tour interactive by allowing visitors to take control of their research.

Perhaps, you can list the exterior and indoor units separately so that people can browse without any trouble.

It would save customers’ and staffs’ time, encouraging them to focus on core business operations. 


5. Create an Account on GMB


Google My Business (GMB) has become a powerful tool on the search engine. Whenever someone conducts a location-specific search, businesses on the map appear on the top results.

Thus, if you want to make your business list here, create a profile on Google My Business. You have to add business details and few pictures of your services.

Besides this, add customer reviews to display your company’s ratings on the search engine. An average of 4.5 starts will help you make it to the top. 

Furthermore, you have to target keywords for the local search engine.

Maybe, you can use ‘storage units near me’ or ‘self-storage services in California.’ It will display your business in front of people looking for storage solutions, increasing conversion prospects.

Besides, Google gives priority to a website that shows high-quality content; hence, ensure your website is competent enough.


Final Words


The storage industry is pretty different from conventional business models. Hence, you have to initiate marketing strategies that can contribute to the business model.

The paid advertising campaigns can bring more people to your website, improving revenue generation. Similarly, social media, virtual tours, and GMB can spread the word about the storage business.

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