Best 6 Marketing Tips to Increase Brand Awareness

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Do you have a stellar brand layout? Are you selling the most in-demand products and services?

Almost every entrepreneur steps into the digital world with a competent business plan.

From innovative products to brilliant customer service strategies, they know the digital business world’s ins and outs.

Undoubtedly, this expertise is essential to make the brand thrive, but what if people are unaware of your brand’s existence?

Instead of letting all your efforts go in vain, craft strategies to create brand awareness. 


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It is the level of familiarity people have with your brand and its products and services.

The goal of brand awareness is to promote your business, products, or service in a way that captivates audiences.

For instance, when you hear the word ‘Apple,’ you instantly think about iPhones and other tech gadgets.

Thus, building brand awareness should be an integral part of every business plan, especially in the new venture’s early stages.

So, how can you spread the word about your company?

Perhaps, social media could be a handy source, but the competition on these platforms is already high.

Hence, develop a brand awareness strategy with varying marketing techniques to circulate your brand message across different channels.

In case you are new to this virtual sphere, let us help you out. Here we are unfolding six marketing tips to increase brand awareness.


1. Invest in Promotional Merchandise


With digital marketing on the rise, customers miss tangible items imprinted with the logo and brand’s tagline.

After all, we hardly get to see branded shopping bags or merchandise these days.

Well, if you want to leave a lasting impression on customers, consider investing in promotional merchandise.

These are powerful marketing tools, allowing brands to connect with people by engaging their senses.

A person might forget the billboard they saw on the way to work, but they will remember the customized notebook given by a brand. 

Moreover, promotional items such as printed mugs, caps, and backpacks expose your brand to a wide range of consumers.

And since these items are cost-effective, you can create brand awareness without breaking a bank.

You could give promotional products to customers on every purchase or distribute them at conferences.

In case your company attends career fairs in universities, you can also give students promotional items and spread the word about your business.


2. Collaborate with Popular Brands


Currently, the digital marketplace is all about creating hype and getting people to talk about your brand.

And there isn’t a better way to achieve this goal than by forming strategic partnerships with popular businesses.

Thus, start finding products and services that complement yours without much overlap.

For instance, if you have an apparel brand, join hands with companies selling accessories.

You can mix and match all the accessories with your clothes and provide some styling tips to the audience. 

It would help you push the brand name to a new audience and generate buzz around social media.

If you don’t have any ideas, seek inspiration from reputable brands.

Recently, Cheetos and Forever 21 collaborated to create a line of apparel and accessories featuring Cheetos logos.

Likewise, Lego launched a Stranger Things collection.

Remember, you don’t have to ally with someone only because they have a larger audience.

Instead, you have to work with like-minded individuals who have similar goals. 


3. Make the Most out of Influencer Marketing


Almost 61% of the consumers aged 18 to 34 years have bought products recommended by digital influencers.

Hence, it would be right to say that influencer marketing is not going anywhere in 2021.

So, why not use it to create brand awareness?

You can partner with influencers who have the highest number of followers or target multiple micro-influencers.

Look into the content they produce to determine whether it is relatable to the brands. 

Once you have shortlisted the influencers, send them PR packages in exchange for their review.

They would share the feedback with their millions of followers, creating brand awareness.

However, make sure to pick influencers within your business niche.

If you are a restaurant owner, opt for food bloggers. It would bring you the most value while spreading the brand message to the right audiences. 


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4. Harness the Power of Search


Mostly, a customer’s journey begins with a Google search. You might find it challenging to ensure visibility on the search engine.

Still, you have to understand the importance of this touchpoint. It can help you map the customer journey and purchase patterns intuitively.

Therefore, optimize your website for the search engine and assert a more significant influence on customers.

You can improve the website experience, build links, or make the webpage mobile-friendly.

Besides, you could also leverage artificial intelligence and big data to update brands with real-time consumer behavior.

It would give insights into their buying while unfolding campaigns that deliver the best results.

All this information can come in handy while crafting a brand awareness strategy, allowing you to target customers’ touchpoints. 


5. Use Brand Storytelling


Even though today’s digital world is all about customers, it is also about brands telling their stories.

You can promote your company by choosing a marketing strategy that customers find relatable and authentic.

Perhaps, if you are still clueless about it, then below are some tips.


  • Share various aspects of your brand. From customer service to company culture, every brand has multiple facets. It will help people understand what your company is about, building recognition. 
  • Highlight the brand’s core values and principles. If you believe in creating an eco-friendly environment, show how you are fulfilling this mission. 
  • Build a narrative about your company while keeping all employees and customers in mind. 
  • Explore creative opportunities to integrate storytelling on social media sites. For instance, if you bring a new product or service to the market, tell people the story behind it.


6. Build Strong Referral Programs


These days, customers rely on others’ word of mouth to make purchase decisions.

While some are looking for reviews on social media profiles, others seek referrals from their friends and family members.

As a result, many brands are launching their referral programs to establish credibility in the market and spread awareness.

You can create a reward-based system where customers receive discounts or gifts by inviting their friends to your brand. 

Similarly, you can also incentivize customer reviews and recommendations through such initiatives.

In addition to building brand awareness, it would enhance the trust factor of your brand.

Besides customer acquisition, referral programs can significantly boost retention rates.


Wrap Up


With more brands crawling into the virtual sphere, creating brand awareness has become more crucial than ever.

Therefore, craft marketing strategies that help you spread the word across various channels.

You can offer promotional merchandise, bring influencers on board, or join hands with famous brands.

Likewise, you can create a community around your brand to drive trust and loyalty, which are the prerequisites for brand recognition.

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