Full Forms HTML Full Form | What is HTML Full Form


HTML Full Form | What is HTML Full Form

HTML Full Form is Hypertext Markup Language.

Hello eveyone, in this post, we are going to share exactly what is HTML also, HTML full form, Features and more….

It’s a standard markup language for documents that were made for displaying a web browser.

html full form - HTML Full Form | What is HTML Full Form

A short overview of HTML:-

Full FormHypertext Markup Language
Founder of HTMLTim Berners-Lee
Developed byWHATWG
File extensions.htm, .html
Mime Typetext/html
Released On1993
Latest VersionHTML5


HyperText Markup Language:- This is actually a markup language for formatting internet files or webpages. Such document files are stored with ‘.htm’ or ‘.html’ extensions. The software which explains HTML documents and displays content on-screen is called web browsers.

Google-Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari are many well-known browsers. Tim Berners-Lee was the very first ever to develop HTML. In late 1990 he produced and parsed that HTML file. Currently, W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) occurs following the development and documentation of HTML markup.

HTML Full Form :– Hyper text markup language HTML markup incorporates uncommon “components, for example, <head>, <title>, <body>, <header>, <footer>, <article>, <section>, <p>, <div>, <span>, <img>, <aside>, <audio>, <canvas>, <datalist>, <details>, <embed>, <nav>, <output>, <progress>, <video>, <ul>, <ol>, <li> and numerous others.

Till now, many variants of HTML are introduced. Current version HTML5 is gaining tremendous popularity as a result of elevated intensity capacities.

  • HTML5 is the latest version of HTML

This really could be the most recent edition of HTML. For a programmer, it might be utilised in 2014. It developed tons of HTML tags aid. Html 5 provided support for fresh form elements such as enters of different types, geo-locations support tags, etc.

Let Us see a few of those tags which were inserted to Html5.

html5 - HTML Full Form | What is HTML Full Form

✅ Email :- New HTML5 tag that was inserted in the input of type email. It’s a form tag, although it might possibly be used out a tag too. This tag checks the validation of this input value. It assesses if the value added is a legal email.

✅ Password :- it’s another form tag which has been inserted to be given a password by the client. Being the password style field, exactly what user types from the field isn’t observable directly to this user, however, is expressed by special symbols. All these symbols save the password out of getting shown on your browser.

✅ Semantic tags :- Semantic tags will also be referred to as structural tags. Structural tags are the tags that provide structure into this HTML webpage. These arrangements get united to an HTML page to produce an HTML webpage. Number of those significant HTML semantic tags are all figcaption, <header>, <footer>

✅ Section tag :- This tag is utilized to populate a section within a HTML webpage. A section tag reflects part in a worldwide web page.

✅ Audio tag :- This is a new audio tag that has been used in HTML5. This tag can help to add sound to our internet page. We can make use of this tag to incorporate a sound clip into a website page. This audio tag can be played on a webpage.

Advantages of HTML :-

✅ Easy to use 

Since you realize HTML is quite simple to obtain knowledge about HTML. For the person who learns web development, HTML is the 1st and primary language that someone goes through. The basic tags and there’s no confusion of the case sensitivity at the HTML.

✅ Totally Free 

One of the primary advantages of HTML is the free and also there don’t need in order to buy this software. It’s not necessary to make use of various plugins essential to work with additional applications, as HTML doesn’t require any plugins.

✅ User Friendly for Search Engine 

HTML is user friendly for search engines in connection to all of the programming languages obtainable from the market (Search Engine friendly manner delivering users best websites with relevant details when searching for a special one).

✅ Easy Editing 

Since you realize HTML is quite easy to edit since there will not possess some interface edit it. It’s written in easy Notepad. Therefore, you could be edit in any text editor as easy as Notepad, Notepad++, etc..

Thanks to reading whole post html full form.

I hope you learn what is full form of HTML and this post will be helpful. If you learn it useful, kindly vote Yes to “Was this post Helpful” below.

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