10 Things Every Graduating Marketing Student Needs to Know

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Graduation gives you a sense of urgency to go forth and conquer the world.

For a marketing student, you have learned so much and would like to get out of college and try out the tricks.

Well, it is not as easy and straight forwards as you would like it to be. 


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Marketing graduates are in a unique class because everyone is looking for fresh blood to promote their brand.

You will also be competing with experienced marketers trying to win the market for your employer.

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As a marketing student, there are a few tricks you should know to make your entry into the job market easier.

Here are some of them.


1. Start the Job Search Early


Do not wait until graduation and the release of your certificate to start looking for a job.

By the time the graduation ceremony is complete, competition will have grown.

It increases the chances of missing out on jobs you would have desired. 

Start engaging potential employers as early as possible.

Show your prowess and initiative early.

Remember that students have goodwill that disappears immediately they graduate.

By starting the search early, you send a signal that you are burning with desire and passion.

This is the spirit that many employers are looking for in potential recruits.


2. Internet Marketing Is a Specialization


Marketing has expanded beyond traditional radio, television, and display advertising.

Internet is a whole new frontier and a substantial specialization for marketers.

As you sharpen your skills in preparation for employment, consider the potential of internet marketing. 

Luckily, this is one of the easiest specializations to master.

Even without employment experience, you can practice by starting your own blog or trying out an online entrepreneurial venture.

If you can prove your ability to get results online, you may end up as a digital marketing entrepreneur instead of looking for a job. 


3. It Is More than the Numbers, It Is Creativity 


The world of marketing is thoroughly competitive.

It is more than reaching people and clocking numbers.

Your brand has to stand out among the many looking to sell in the same industry.

As such, you must work on your creativity game. 

Begin developing concepts early. Focus on classic ideas instead of riding on trends.

Classic ideas remain useful in the long run as opposed to trendy ones that lose their shine when the wave subsides.

The most successful marketers are creative and produce ads that capture the imagination of the target audience. 


4. Numbers Will Matter


Marketing classes include statistics lessons for a reason.

As a marketer, you must balance between the budget and how much each campaign brings.

Do not avoid the math classes because it will haunt your understanding of numbers.

Luckily, there are numerous tools you can use today to give you a more accurate idea of your performance in terms of numbers. 


5. Marketing Is About Communication


The main responsibility of a marketer is to sell a brand. You explain benefits of a product or service to potential buyers.

The other role is to make the product appear by far better than all others competing in the same market.

All these responsibilities will only be fulfilled if you are good at marketing. 

Learn the modern communication tricks like engaging different age groups and using a variety of channels.

It is only good communicators that can win the marketing battle.

Sharpen your skills if you wish to join this industry. 


6. You Will Be the First Product You Sell


Graduation means that you start looking for a job or start a business.

Whichever way it goes, you will be the first product you market.

From your CV to cover letters and the interviews you attend, you will be the first product you sell.

Package yourself like a winning product.

Prepare for rejection and requests for adjustments.

If you can sell your skills and passion, you are halfway in the marketing ladder of success.


7. Marketing Is About Team Work


While the end product of any marketing campaign is the numbers, something else counts in the long-term success.

The TEAM! Can you work as member of a team or lead one?

Then you are the right candidate for a marketing position.

You will have the communication team by your side, graphic designers,

IT guys, accountants, and PR, among others. All of you have a responsibility of sending out a singular message.

Learn to work as a team and embrace divergent views.


8. Marketing Rides on Trends


The world runs on seasons. One of the indicators of these seasons is the prevailing trend.

If you notice, some trends return after several years, just like the seasons of a year.

As such, you must navigate the trends skillfully, taking full advantage without losing your identity in the process.

Following trends makes the message easier to understand and relate, thus increasing your return on investment.


9. The 4 P’s And C’s are Just the Beginning


Master the 4P’s and C’s of marketing for your examinations.

Once you graduate, they take a backseat. Each marketing campaign is unique and nothing will prepare you for what to expect.

Remember that in most cases, you are marketing new products and ideas. You do not know what to expect.

The world will require a responsive marketer who knows what to do at the moment. You only revisit theories long after achieving results.


10. Take Every Opportunity to Gain Experience


Marketing requires thick skin and a lot of experience.

Naivety could cost you time and a lot of resources.

To avoid an amateurish approach, take internship opportunities during breaks.

You could also start with lower-ranking marketing jobs or with smaller companies before going for the jugular. 

Marketing remains one of the most lucrative professions for graduates.

However, it is highly dependent on your initiative and the results you produce.

The industry also offers an opportunity to learn a lot about marketing in general.

If you can start the journey early, your potential will increase significantly. 

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