3 Ways to Access Facebook Full Site [Updated 2021]

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Facebook does not permit us to get its Facebook Full Site version(Web Version).

It’s going automatically redirect you into the mobile version.

However, to supply you with a much better thought of Facebook, programmers have created a fully responsive design according to the device you are using.

Facebook Full Site Android or iPhone - 3 Ways to Access Facebook Full Site [Updated 2021]


An additional reason why FB does not allow Facebook desktop version on mobile is that the maximum number of persons aren’t using the high-speed online connection.

So literally you will not have the ability to run a Facebook desktop version properly.

But unusually we may have to make the most of full Facebook desktop login on Android or iPhone.

Since you can not use all of its features onto the FB android version or ios version.

There are a few easy-to-use techniques that can force the browser to start Facebook full site.


Facebook full site on Android


1. Using Master URL


This is only one of the easiest ways to load full Facebook desktop version in your own mobile phone.

We can say that it is a legit method from Facebook since the URL that we are likely to use is FB’s very own URL.

Simply open your browser and enter the URL (https://www.facebook.com/home.php)


Facebook url 1 - 3 Ways to Access Facebook Full Site [Updated 2021]



It is going to open up as a mobile site if you are not logged in, as soon as you’ve logged in the Facebook.

You can see full facebook desktop version.


Facebook Android Version 1 - 3 Ways to Access Facebook Full Site [Updated 2021]


Bookmark the above link to start it in a single click or be sure to include home.php every single time that you would like to access desktop site.


2. Using Mobile Browser In-built Function


This feature can be found on close to every popular browser like google chrome.

Mobile browsers have a performance to open the desktop view of any site you’re browsing.

Launch your internet browser, then you can get it in the smartphone’s home screen.

Just click on the 3 dots on the upper right corner.


Facebook login - 3 Ways to Access Facebook Full Site [Updated 2021]


Now click Request Desktop Website from the menu.

There could be various alternatives for it.

This in Google Chrome it’s mentioned as an above bold term.

Now only input facebook.com from the address bar and that is it. You are done.


3. Another Way


This is just another fantastic working method if you are using the mobile version and want to change to the desktop version.


Facebook Full Site on Android - 3 Ways to Access Facebook Full Site [Updated 2021]


  • Open your own mobile web browser. (Here I’m taking ex. of Google Chrome)
  • Open http://m.facebook.com, wait until it loads.
  • Click the menu in the top corner.

Scroll down the end of the menu and there you are able to option Desktop site, just click on it and then ‘t it.


Facebook full site on iPhone

Fb Desktop version on iPhone - 3 Ways to Access Facebook Full Site [Updated 2021]


  • If you’re a Safari web browser you have an extra choice to request the background version.
  • Open the Safari web browser and then proceed to facebook.com
  • you’ll be redirected into the mobile version.
  • After or before log into your FB accounts, tap the share button and then choose’ Request Desktop Site’ as displayed below.
  • This can provide the Facebook desktop website on your own iPhone or iPad device.

I’m sure these steps will help you to browse access the Facebook Full Site on Android or iPhone.

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