How to DIY Search Engine Optimization in 2021

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Anyone creating content online for social media marketing should know by now that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the ideal method to drive traffic towards content.

Even if you buy Twitter followers, SEO can help expand the initial boost from your purchase.

However, the costs of hiring an agency specifically to optimize your content can quickly add up.

These are a few ways you can do it yourself:


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Caption Your YouTube Videos


If you are recording videos and use auto-generated captions on YouTube, think about captioning them yourself.

You’re probably already scripting your videos; all you need to do is copy the script as the captions. 

Search engines such as Google rank content created by humans higher than machine-created content.

This means your captions will consistently rank better than YouTube’s auto-generated ones.


Optimize Your Twitter Profile


Twitter is an excellent platform for social media marketing. However, tweets are very short and give little room to optimize for search engines.

Also, Google doesn’t index every tweet but regularly indexes Twitter profiles.

So take the opportunity to keep the information on your Twitter bio easily searchable and give as much information as possible.

Your Twitter handles, and name should be consistent with your name on all social media to make your brand more visible and easily recognizable.

Another tip for Twitter is to avoid using numbers in your Twitter handle because Google might confuse it for a bot.


Use Specific Keywords


SEO experts call them long-tail keywords, which means long phrases people use to search for specific items.

In the past, it was enough to add vague keywords to your content.

However, as more people learned how to use SEO, we all need to up our game.

Think of your target audience and how you would expect them to search for your products or content.

Using specific keywords helps you rank higher locally.


Get Links To Your Content


Content that gets cited or ‘linked’ on other websites frequently is ranked higher according to search engines.

It is a way of building a page’s credibility.

A simple way to do this is to find websites that can use your content and contact them for an arrangement whereby you exchange links somehow.

Usually, guest posting is the way to go. 

Guest posting means posting articles or other content on websites and linking them to yours.

In this way, your website gets more link equity, and theirs gets more content. 


Analyze Your Competitors


As with all marketing strategies, it is helpful to look closely at your competitors.

Keep in mind that even larger corporations are competing with you for that spot on the first page.

Try to speculate on what strategies they are employing and the reasons for their success.

Notice the ways they use keywords in their content, and try to emulate it.

As you can see, it isn’t complicated to apply some search engine optimization concepts to your content.

Of course, studying analytics and understanding SEO better is preferred.

With a bit of effort, you can rank your pages higher and reach your target audience to fulfill your marketing goals. 



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