Deskgram – Top alternatives and reviews [Updated 2021]

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Instagram is one of the biggest and popular social networking applications, where 500-million users are active daily.

Which ratio is growing every day. However, what do you do if a Smartphone is damaged or broken?

The best way to manage your Instagram accounts and upload pictures regularly.

At the moment, Deskgram may allow you to bring you straight back again to the Instagram world.


Deskgram - Deskgram - Top alternatives and reviews [Updated 2021]


What is Deskgram?


Deskgram is your desktop edition of Instagram for Mac/PC users.

With this program, you also can upload HD photos (square, picture, portrait)and upload HD videos (square, picture, portrait), tag people in photos and manage your Instagram profile (user data, privacy settings, password)and view your timeline, research the post, tags, and much more.

NOTE:- You can view your Instagram feed, like other’s photos, and add a comment. But if you want to upload a photo or videos, you have to buy a license.


How to post on Instagram from PC using Deskgram?


  • Go to Deskgram App.
  • Choose Mac/Windows.
  • Download and Install the program.
  • Next, launch the program.
  • The program will run the Instagram app.
  • Enter your username and password to enter.
  • Enjoy your application on a computer.


deskgram pricing - Deskgram - Top alternatives and reviews [Updated 2021]


You’ll find two plans made available by Deskgram. One of those plans is free at all times.

The one big difference between the two plans is that using the free plan.

You can’t upload 60-seconds videos also won’t have the ability to tag people.

However, using the”Premium” plan that costs 2.99$ a month, you may even do those things.

Thus, based on the qualities you require, choose one of the plans and use it.


Best Deskgram alternative apps


  • Flume for Mac
  • Later
  • Hootsuite
  • Buffer
  • Gramblr


✅ Flume for Mac:- For Mac users, Flume is an Instagram uploading Application on the Appstore.

You will find both paid and free of version options of Flume, although the functionality of this free version is pretty limited.


Flume - Deskgram - Top alternatives and reviews [Updated 2021]


But we now found the free version so restricted, so that you must pay for the Pro upgrade fee of $20 to mostly benefit from this particular tool.

This isn’t great. But…

The application itself comes with an interface that looks like an Instagram app, and it has the exact functions virtually, with the exclusion of adding sharing or stories live post.


Later:- If you’d like a scheduler that posts into Facebook and Twitter along with Instagram, Afterwards is really a budget-friendly option. You can go with a low budget plan of only $19/month.

About the $19 plan, you are going to love added features like hashtag suggestions, analytics, and best times to post.


later - Deskgram - Top alternatives and reviews [Updated 2021]


Afterward even offers a free plan which features auto-posting. However, you can not schedule or post videos or Stories with this plan.

Free is limited to 30 posts/month and email service only, but if it’s the only one that fits your (non-existent) budget, learn more


Hootsuite:- Hootsuite is a full-featured social media management tool.

They’ve added Instagram scheduling for their Own Lineup of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. As an Instagram partner, Hootsuite can post directly to Instagram.

Direct photo publishing is also supported on the Hootsuite mobile apps.


hootsuite instagram - Deskgram - Top alternatives and reviews [Updated 2021]


Hootsuite app multiple account management features.

To register for a free 30 days trial of Hootsuite Pro, click the link. After the trial, cost $29 monthly charged yearly for 10 social profiles and unlimited monitoring with 1 user.

Hootsuite offers a small Free plan for 3 social profiles having a max of 30 messages that are scheduled.


Buffer:- Buffer is actually a popular social networking scheduler that is also a marketing associate with direct posts to Instagram.

Schedule only image and video post onto mobile or desktop into all your Instagram business profiles, and also Buffer will last for you in your favourite times.


buffer - Deskgram - Top alternatives and reviews [Updated 2021]


In case you want to schedule gallery pictures or utilize Instagram’s posting features, such as filters.

Then they’ll send a notification for a phone at the scheduled time.

Your post will be automatically packed into Instagram with your own caption, prepared to be glued, and you’re able to customize and publish.


✅ Gramblr:- This is for Mac and Windows, this program works like Hootsuite – except it utilizes an internet service along with an app installed on your own PC.

Both work hand-in-hand by regaining pictures from the desktop computer, shifting a backup into the web service, then to Instagram.

Gramblr is stuffed with features and also has a comfortable user interface.


gramblrr - Deskgram - Top alternatives and reviews [Updated 2021]


Videos and images may be uploaded, too.

Additionally, it supports multiple Instagram accounts and monitoring, even though you need to get your computer on and run since it works quietly in the background.

On top of that, it’s free of charge. While we haven’t attempted it, it will seem to be the nearest to a real.




Deskgram is one of the best applications to take care of your Instagram accounts from PC.

Even the person who can’t use their smartphone for any cause that this application could be the very best choice for them. We’ve got routine updates on Instagram.

We hope that you enjoy this exciting Instagram menage app “Deskgram” and also share your review from the comment box.

Do not forget to share these posts with your relative’s members and friends.

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