Visualize that you have a blog however you choose to make a more recent and also advanced website utilizing WordPress elements or perhaps you simply make a decision to remove everything. Whatever the cause, our article today deals with one of the most asked topics of How to Delete WordPress Account.

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In this article, we will explain you step by step How to Delete WordPress Account/Blog safely and what forethought you should take.

Before we start it’s crucial to note that 2 types of WordPress Blog.

  • (Self Hosted)
An open source software program you need to download to release. This is an online platform where you can sign-up and also produce your website online.
Does not come free hosting service Free hosting service
You need to pay for a personalized domain, example – Provides you with a free subdomain, as an example-
Enables your advertisements in addition to other money making choices Does not permission your ads to be positioned on your blog sites.
The choice to select from a range of helpful plugins. Does not permit you to utilize third-party plugins
You need to secure your site via a third-party site. Standard safety as well as backups.
According to your needs choose themes An alternative to choosing a minimal number of themes.


How to Delete Self-Hosted Blog?

  • Backup Even if you are 100% sure you want to delete your blog, make certain of that you have a Totally backup of your website.If you feel you will never recollect this site data. We still recommend that collect you’re all back-up to your website.

If you already use a cPanel system to install WordPress. You can use this method of deleting the self-hosted WordPress website.cpanel account 1024x819 - Theme Builder LayoutLogin to your Hosting Account cPanel and Go to file manager

cPanel dashbord 1024x576 - Theme Builder Layout

Next, open the file manager and find the public_html file.

public html file - Theme Builder LayoutNow, you can see your website all files and folders. Select all and delete.

  • Your WordPress website/blog deleted. 

How  to Delete Blog?


  • Note – don’t forget to backup 
Deleting blog you need login your hosting account. and after that scroll down and tap setting option. delete 1024x410 - Theme Builder Layout

Next, too many options see in this picture. click Export. delete 2 - Theme Builder LayoutExport Media Library and Your Content.

delete wordpress blog - Theme Builder LayoutAlso, on the left-hand side of this page, WordPress outlines all of the types of data that will be permanently deleted.

Once you have all done export media and content.then you go to the beck and click Delete your site permanently. delete 5 - Theme Builder Layout

Next, Click “Delete  Site”. delete 7 - Theme Builder LayoutNext, WordPress will make you type in the name of your website and enter the website URL.

  • Click “Delete This Site” 

If you want to delete your site permanently. Keep in mind; there’s no going back after you click this button.

You’ll also lose permanent access to your WordPress site URL (unless you own the domain). delete 6 - Theme Builder Layout


I hope you enjoy this article You’ll get you to answer How to Delete WordPress Account or How To Delete WordPress Blog.

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