Knowledge Cancel Kindle Unlimited - A Step by Step Guide


Cancel Kindle Unlimited – A Step by Step Guide

Are you currently a Kindle Unlimited user, but you want to cancel kindle unlimited subscription? So you come to the right place. I’m going to teach you to step by step how to cancel kindle unlimited subscription?

Cancel Kindle Unlimited - Cancel Kindle Unlimited - A Step by Step Guide

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What is Kindle Unlimited?

Kindle Unlimited is a digital service providing unlimited access to around 1.8 million E-books in your Kindle Store, in addition to business books, comic books, sportsbooks, and popular online magazines.

Amazon power this service, and it is the Amazon site at which you could register and then cancel it.

What is more, you may register to get Kindle Unlimited using a click on a button and then examine the new support for free for 30 days.

Thus, many users enjoy this service without doing primary research. There’s loads of time to check Kindle Unlimited before the initial payment.

In case you cancel Kindle Unlimited until the conclusion of the charging period, Amazon will not refund a full month so that you will still have access until the following billing date.

Furthermore, as long as you have the Kindle Unlimited subscription for a present or when it came prepaid, Amazon will not refund the rest of the weeks, which explains the reason you are far better off allowing a prepaid subscription run out by itself.

When your subscription will finish, you may eliminate access to those names you borrowed via Kindle Unlimited in addition to any notes, bookmarks, and highlights you’ve created while your subscription is still active.

Amazon will store your explanations, however, just if you happen to obtain the names at a subsequent date or re-subscribe into Kindle Unlimited.

Please be aware that if you’re spending money on the Unlimited service, you need to cancel it until the next billing period to prevent additional charges. You can not receive a refund on weeks which have passed — more information about charging and if to cancel your membership below.

How to Cancel Kindle Unlimited

Go to amazon (where you’ve signed up for Kindle Unlimited)

Top of the right side click Account & Lists

Amazon - Cancel Kindle Unlimited - A Step by Step Guide

Click your Kindle Unlimited

Amazon Kindle - Cancel Kindle Unlimited - A Step by Step Guide

You will see all details of kindle unlimited subscription

  • When you started it,
  • The kind of membership (the plan you chose),
  • The date of the next billing,
  • Payment settings and an option to edit them,
  • An option to stop the subscription.

To cancel your Kindle Unlimited subscription, find the “Manage Membership” section at the bottom, and click “Cancel Kindle Unlimited Membership.”

Cancle Unlimited - Cancel Kindle Unlimited - A Step by Step GuideIn the last step, you’ll be given a choice between continuing and ending the membership.

To cancel Kindle Unlimited subscription, click the “End Membership on [Date]” button on the right side.


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