Ways to Engage Your Audience During Brand Promotional Events

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Launching a new brand or marketing an already existing product is one of the most crucial tasks for all companies.

Every step ranging from planning, organizing, production to marketing needs to be perfect for the brand to succeed.

Marketers need to be at the top of their game to ensure the brand gets the right popularity among its target audience. 

A very effective marketing strategy that comes into play here is brand promotional events.

Promotional events play a vital role in spreading word of mouth about a brand, its products and services.

Successful marketers pay a strong focus on engaging their audience during these promotional events since people have the potential to make or break a brand image.

Hence, all marketers need to ensure that engagements at such events are always high. 

However, it’s easier said than done.

Thorough research and plan need to be in place to increase attendee engagement.

Read below to find out some of the ways to boost audience engagement at your promotional event. 


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1. Make sure your event is attractive


The first impression your attendees will get about your brand is how well organized your event is.

People are more likely to visit promotional events that offer valuable insights and engaging amenities.

Hence, it is vital to ensure that you have decorated and appealingly organized your event.

Remember, the first impression is the last. A dull and boring event isn’t going to attract a lot of audiences.

To have maximum engagement, do your research and dig out a theme best aligned with your brand, product, or service.


Many successful marketers in Las Vegas – Nevada, often pay significant attention to using incredibly designed banners that exhibit the brand’s vision, story, or popular taglines.

Their attention to detail makes them popular for hosting the most iconic and popular trade shows globally.

If you’re about to host a brand promotional event in Las Vegas, then it is best to hire professionals who can design the best trade show banners for your event.

We recommend you to hire industry experts via online platforms.

Just type ‘trade show banners Las Vegas NV’ on Google to get the best results.

Also, make sure to hire those with top reviews.


2. Make use of influencer marketing


Influencers are unarguably modern-day celebrities.

Thousands of people blindly trust their suggestions, making them a popular source for increasing the brand’s reachability.

Influencer marketing isn’t something new, but it has recently gained momentum and has taken marketing to a whole new level.

The way people place their trust in influencers is both surprising and benefitting. Nevertheless, influencers are worthy assets for marketers. 

You can call out some popular influencers to increase the audience engagement rate at your promotional event.

Besides, you can partner up with influencers and develop tactics to increase awareness about your brand and the upcoming event.

This increased awareness will lead to a more significant number of attendees.

Perhaps, if you plan on partnering up with influencers for the long term, then make sure to let influencers share their experience with your brand on their social media accounts.

However, it is best to contact influencers who are authentic and have a vast number of organic followers. 


3. Create a mobile app for your event


A mobile app is a heavenly present for all event planners. With a digital app, you can avoid all chaos, last-minute confusion, and inaptness.

For instance, having a mobile app enables you to keep an accurate count of the number of visitors willing to attend your event.

However, some shared features that all event apps include are:

  • General information about your brand and the event taking place 
  • Venue and timing of the event 
  • Exhibitor catalog
  • Floor plan
  • No of Sessions and speakers
  • Interactive maps 
  • Push notifications etc.

These days, nearly every other brand creates an app before scheduling any event.

However, each app differs. The more distinct features and tools your app has, the easier it will be to attract the maximum audience.

Hence, develop an app that outshines the rest. Add a part of analytics for bonus points.

Analytics can give you rare insights about engagement and other relevant rates and help you plan for your future events in a much better way. 


4. Host contests 


Who doesn’t love winning prizes? Hosting contests and games is a brilliant idea to increase your audience engagement in the event.

However, attendees will only participate if the award is exciting or worth the hassle.

Fancy gifts like expensive gadgets are no longer compelling.

People prefer winning something more valuable and insightful.

Now, the prize will depend on the event proposition.

Still, an example could be a free subscription to a website/software for a limited time. 

Creating hype about such contests and prizes on social media can ultimately boost your audience’s engagement.

Flood your social media with posts/content regarding your event and the games to get maximum reach.

Another effective technique to boost engagement is to link the submission form with each tweet, Facebook, or Instagram post.

Not only will this build credibility but also attract sponsors and improve your user-generated content. 


5. Virtual suggestion box/surveys


Always try to deliver what your potential audience expects from you!

And the best way to do this is by asking for their suggestions.

A virtual suggestion box can allow the audience to pour in their expectations about the event and suggest some new changes.

Audiences who attended the event last time might give valuable input on improving and making the upcoming event more enjoyable.

Alternatively, you may carry out surveys and ask the audience to fill out questions to know more about your audience and their preferences during brand promotional events.

We recommend you to include more close-ended questions with limited options.

That way, it would be easier for you to analyze your audience’s responses.

Suggestions from audiences are insightful and critical in hosting a successful brand promotional event. 




Keeping your attendees engaged during a promotional event is indeed challenging.

And it becomes more difficult in a virtual setting.

Hence, event managers need to be very critical about each and every detail that can increase the chances of hosting a successful event.

Hopefully, the above-given tips will help you in hosting your next big brand promotional event!



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