Make Money Online 7 Best Paid To Click (PTC Sites) 2020


Hello everyone, Are you looking to make money online without investment and hard work.
I’m sharing with you the best legit ways to make money online by PTC Sites. You can earn from PTC Sites that pay 10$ per click. This way is benefits no require any technical skills. You can earn easily 100-250$ per month. So let’s get started on how to do this.

ptc sites 2020 - 7 Best Paid To Click (PTC Sites) 2020

What are PTC sites?

PTC websites can also be known as Paid to Click (PTC) websites where you’ll be getting paid a bit little money when you watch advertisements in the internet browser.

There are a few sites online which supply this firm model with completely free investment but ensured payments.

It barely takes 10 to 15 minutes to operate every day on a single PTC site. Nevertheless, you can get $100 — $250 monthly should you enrolled with all websites mentioned in the listing of real paying PTC websites.

Working on those websites does not demand any particular abilities, and any individual with basic computer knowledge can begin operating this method in their property.

All these paid to click jobs are simple to begin, and it’s best suited for College Students, Housewives and people that are thinking about doing online part-time jobs.

A newbie can begin to create income on the very first day at those paid to click on occupations because it takes less ability to get the job done

Requirements to Joining?

  • PC or Laptop
  • Internet Connection
  • Gmail Account for signup
  • Your ID proof
  • Your bank Account
  • You need online payment to accept account (PayPal or Payza)

Benefits of Joining PTC Sites?

  • Free registration(worldwide)
  • Work from home
  • you can set your time work
  • Multiple income opportunities
  • Work anywhere
  • No technical skills needed.
  • Without investment
  • Always pay on time

How to Register PTC Sites?

Online Home Income offers just a couple of PTC websites because we continuously check before publishing a website here. Thus no worries and you’ll get paid for sure.

For registering, you have to complete a registration form to each PTC website and verify your email address.

The moment you register successfully, then you’ll have the ability to log in to your account dashboard where you can see all available advertisements and take part in polls, tasks and offers as well if you’d like.

Your earnings will be credited to your account immediately after seeing the advertisement for a specific time period for example 5 sec to 30 sec and payment along with the number of ads available to view changing through the afternoon.

Note:- Don’t use Adblock on your internet browser.

Check your browser preferences or extensions. If you find Adblock, disable and then remove it and then restart your browser.

We propose installing Advertisement Alert and Addon into the most recent version of your browser (Firefox or Safari ) since they will continue notifying one of more accessible advertisements, surveys, along with CrowdFlower tasks.

It’s possible to spend additional time on those websites, depending on your convenience. When you are off, you can (temporarily) assign this job to some member on your loved ones or trusted friend because that will keep upping your earnings and you’re able to win free membership or get a cash prize around $50 to your own activity.

Just click all advertisements turn and keep in mind to maintain the webpage in focus before the timer/bar ends running and you also get paid.

How Does PTC Sites works?

So only you will find some exposition about what’s a PTC website? Now, allow me to clarify how PTC functions?

All folks usually watch tv at least 2hr daily. Now consider these TV Channels came forward give payment to you for seeing advertisements in their channels?

It’s jocking, is not it? Consider precisely the same procedure and applying here.

Some sites called as PTC websites to mention a couple of giants OJOOO WAD, Clixsense is like those tv channels that are paying a little amount of 0.0001USD to $0.1USD for every AD you see in their site.

You need to start an account with them free of charge and log into your account daily to look at all available ads.

Internet marketers or internet small business promoters need huge instant traffic to their online small business sites, and consequently, they pay a massive number to these PTC websites to purchase visitors.

List of 7 Best PTC Sites 2020


Pay Per Click (PPC)

Direct Referrals

Rented Referrals

Minimum Payout

Payment method

$0.001-$0.002Unlimited    N/A     $10Payoneer,Skrill


Pay Per Click (PPC)

Direct Referrals

Rented Referrals

Minimum Payout

Payment method

$0.001-$0.002Unlimited    5000     $2PayPal,Bitcoin



Pay Per Click (PPC)

Direct Referrals

Rented Referrals

Minimum Payout

Payment method

$0.0001-$0.03Unlimited    N/A     $1Payeer,Bitcoin



Pay Per Click (PPC)

Direct Referrals

Rented Referrals

Minimum Payout

Payment method

$0.0001-$0.02Unlimited    8000     $2Payoneer,AirTM


Pay Per Click (PPC)

Direct Referrals

Rented Referrals

Minimum Payout

Payment method

$0.0001-$0.03Unlimited  Unlimited     $5    PayPal



Pay Per Click (PPC)

Direct Referrals

Rented Referrals

Minimum Payout

Payment method

$0.0001-$0.002Unlimited   N/A     $5PayPal,Bitcoin



Pay Per Click (PPC)

Direct Referrals

Rented Referrals

Minimum Payout

Payment method

$0.0001-$0.03Unlimited    N/A     $10PayPal,Bitcoin


Which PTC Site That Pay 10$ Per Click?

FreeBitco This site will pay you 10$ per click.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Direct Referrals

Rented Referrals

Minimum Payout

Payment method

$0.01-$100Unlimited    N/A    0.00003B  Bitcoin Wallet


Do PTC sites really pay?

Yes, certainly. PTC website consistently pays its customers for their attempts. However, there are lots of fake PTC website which only waste your time and do not pay you a penny.

How do I get paid?

Each PTC website has established a minimum payout threshold value of $1 – $6.

When your account balance reaches the minimum payout threshold value, you’ll be paid for a PayPal, Payza or Bitcoin account that is found in your profile.

Remember to upgrade your PayPal or Payza Email Address on your profile.

Many PTC websites payments are automatic and also at certain PTC websites, you need to provide a payout request. All payout are processing around 5-6 business days.

your earned cash is going to be credited to your PayPal, Payza, Bitcoin account.

From there, it is possible to move the cash to the local bank accounts in the regional currency.

How much can I earn?

As explained earlier, you’ll be paid between $0.0001 to $0.1 for each watch ad.

You can easily earn self income $100 – $250 per month if you want to make more cash from PTC sites, so you much have to upgrade your membership plan. Or by referring your friends, you will get a commission lifetime.

PTC sites offer referral connection for each registered member that will use that connection to refer other people to enrol.

They’re known as Immediate Referrals. If you would like to come across the method of growing, PTC referrals, do see here to know how?

In case you are unable to bring direct referrals, then you opt to hire them.

PTC websites itself supplying this support, and you must pay a rental cost of 0.2 per referral a month. You may either bring direct referrals or rent referrals to raise your revenue on PTC websites.

How to increase your income from PTC sites?

It’s possible to adhere to this straightforward and basic strategy to make more money out of PTC sites.

  • Login into a PTC account daily and see all available advertisements.
  • Staying busy will keep your accounts in a good position, and you’ll create additional income.
  • You may also check over two times in a single day to see more advertisements.
  • Take part in all of the polls too, as finish all of the specified tasks to make additional income from PTC sites.
  • Install Advertisement Alert and Addon for a browser (Recommended)
  • Update your membership to make more.


Friends Here is the List of 7 Best PTC Sites 2020 Which pay you. I am hoping these sites can assist you in creating some excess income and I’m adding Another PTC Site That you 10$ Per Click.

I recommend you to join Clixsense along with FreeBitco since they are both very reliable and legit PTC websites with unlimited advertisements. I’ve made a high income from the site.

I shall recommend you never to join too many websites, because the majority of the PTC websites are an imitation, in the long run, you’ll receive nothing aside from failure.

Join 3-5 trusted sites and try to spend 1-2 hours on this work.

You will definitely earn money.

Thank you for reading the whole article consciously. I welcome your valuable comment on Best PTC Sites 2020 from this article that discussed. If you like this article, do not forget to share it with your friends, family, and community. Remain blessed and spread goodness.

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