How to Grow Your Audience on Twitter

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It’s imperative to build a following on Twitter whether you’re trying to get your creative brand out there for people to see or developing an online business. 61f92f174c0af - How to Grow Your Audience on Twitter


Think about how this growth can help you create a more substantial Twitter profile. It’ll help you boost social media power in the long run. Here are some ways to grow your audience on Twitter. 


Create a Strong Profile 

Many people neglect this aspect of Twitter. While you want to get real Twitter followers, you can’t have a shabby-looking profile. Think of your profile as an introduction. 


Remember, you want to have a good description of your company, interests, and a few other things to help people get a glimpse of your personality and mission. Also, have a working link that goes to your website. 


It may be a good idea to create a Linktree with all your most relevant links from social media, website, portfolio, and other things you deem imperative for your followers to know.  Also, have a professional profile picture and username that’s easy to remember. The more time you spend creating a dynamic profile, the better chance you have of people following you because you’ve captured their attention. 


Have Quality Content 

Remember, most of Twitter is text-based. Those short tweets go by much quicker than what you see on Facebook and Instagram. That’s why you need to create engaging content that keeps the conversation going. 


Maybe you have a funny meme that you know will get retweets. Also, you can ask questions that get more people to participate in the topic. 


Develop some videos that will keep people on your profile for minutes at a time. Also, they’re more bound to quote or retweet their followers. When you time your content well, it’ll create more stability as you expand your audience. 


Follow Like-Minded People 

Sometimes you need to search for people who are in your niche. Maybe there’s an influencer with the same ideas as you. However, you should pick someone related to your industry whose more active. 


You have a better chance of getting a follow from them right off the bat. Also, they’re more likely to respond to your tweets, which can get other people looking at what you have to say.


Not to mention, it may result in a retweet because you add value to the discussion. Choose the best ways to enhance your Twitter audience to help create deep social connections. 


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