How to do affiliate marketing on YouTube

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Youtube SEO - How to do affiliate marketing on YouTube

Did you know that according to cisco by the end of 2021 81% of the internet’s traffic will video-based?

Google is also pushing Youtube Videos in Google SERP. People also prefer videos these days maybe because it is passive information.

It is no more secret that ranking a video is much easier than ranking a blog post.

If you are trying to make money with affiliate marketing on youtube, then make sure you make it to the end. You will not need to read another blog post.


Why Trust My Advice?


This is a screenshot of Clickbank of 30 days. I know it is only $800. I’m not an expert but at least I can guide some newbies. By the way, this income is from one single product.

Now imagine what can possible with multiple products.

image1 - How to do affiliate marketing on YouTube

How To Face Camera


It is no more secret that writing a blog post is much easier than making videos. Maybe we worry.

  1. what other people will think about us 
  2. We never faced Camera 
  3. Both The simplest way is to use Facebook. You can do a live video for 30 days continuously on Facebook. Probably You are more comfortable in front of friends.

    Another thing that you can do is to use Apps that connect with a random person like HollaTo be honest, there is no trick that will boost your confidence instantly. You have to practice it. No one cares if you are the fist video sucks. Remember, you can delete it later on.

Finding Video Topic ideas

This is the most important area. From my experience, these 4 kinds of videos can provide you most affiliate sales


  1. Informational: How To Start Blogging (You can recommend some kind of hosting)
  2. Product Review: Bluehost review (If you did it right then you can rank easily)
  3. Comparison/Alternative: Bluehost vs A2hosting (This is easiest to rank). 
  4. Limitation Overtake: 4k Recording Using Movav Video Editor (Introduce Another Product that performs a specific thing that another product isn’t  )


For a Product that you want to promote type in youtube search and how many views videos have.

In case you don’t have you can get some product launch information from

Creating Video Outline

Next is to planing your videos. You can write a script to do voiceovers in the initial days. I don’t write a script these days. I generally keep a list of important points.

Product review video has these sections.

  1. Introduction: Share your Experience to Establish trust
  2. Product Demo: Show them what they are getting
  3. Pros & Cons: Be Honest, you can’t be sold them shit
  4. Conclusion: Recommended or not

Shooting Video

My recommendation is to press the record button of the camera & with the screen recording.

Because human likes humans. Maybe it builds more credibility.

image2 - How to do affiliate marketing on YouTube

This applies only to digital products. For physical you have to face the camera with the product.

 Don’t talk anything useless in the videos. Just crucial information.

Western audience behaves very differently than India. They don’t have time for using profanity words like Indians.

They just smash the dislike button & leave the video. The Youtube algorithm also understands the audience’s needs. So make sure you don’t bring some shit in the video.

Your Video should help them not sell them. People can smell selling.

Generally, I don’t mention there is a link in the description. They already knew it.

So creating a good video. If your first video sucks don’t worry just publish. The Goal with few videos is to learn how to make the video not to make money.

How To Do SEO

Youtube SEO works in a very different way from google. From my experience for Google quality content & website authority matters a lot. But for youtube Timing matter most.

So make your video before other creators.  Your Video thumbnail also plays an important role.

I follow successful video thumbnail. I  try to make remake them. 


Successful doesn’t mean video with a lot of views. It means videos of a competitive industry that is closely related to your niche.

For example when I’m creating a product review. I search for something super competitive such as clickfunnels review.

Then I choose a thumbnail and try to re-make it for a product that I’m reviewing. You can also follow this recipe.

Title & Description also matter. But everybody knows about it. So it is not going to skyrocket your results. Still, you have to make an appealing title.

Another important thing is creating the next part of the famous video of your channel. Assume one of your comparsion videos start getting views.

Then Create two separate videos of each product review. For sure, people will prefer watching a full video after the comparsion or vice versa.

If you just take of care these small things and your video have good watch time then eventually you will beat your competitors. 

But don’t expect results in one day.  Maybe some of the videos even have good content don’t get a lot of views.


Youtube Video For affiliate marketing is definitely profitable if you do it right. But if you are going to say a nice product to everything then sooner or later people will stop watching your videos. Remember selling is after viewing the video.

I hope this short article has helped you. If you think that I miss something important then share in the comments section. So new users can get the most out of this page. 


This article is written by Harinderpreet Singh. Currently, he owns several websites. GlobalBestoffer blog is close to his heart. Where he does software reviews.

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